HTC Hero In Lots Of Pics


Some lucky folks who aren’t us had the privilege of playing with the HTC Hero and put it through a pretty in depth photo shoot. I’ve posted most of the pictures below, but visit the folks at HDBlog.it (translated) who put together the original:

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T-Mobile MyTouch 3G: Event Presentation Video

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  1. Ugly phone, the magic should have had these features it look so much better than the hero smh

  2. The buttons are confusing, i wish they’ve arranged to something like the g1 and wish they made the screen as big as the iphone

  3. this look like one of them happy movie when each friend (phone) love 1 another

  4. The chin is not bad at all, much nice than the one on the G1

  5. Very nearly a fantastic phone, really only let down IMHO by lack of flash, no built in memory (not a major problem but an issue when compared to the galaxy, along with the galaxy’s better screen) and the fact it looks so fugly, at least in the photos.

    Please get rid of that chin HTC, I want my phone in my pocket!

  6. Actually, i do kinda like the chin thingy. I have a magic with me and yes the magic does look beautfiul. And when this unit comes to Asia, m definately going to get this set as well =D

    I’ve been using WM for sometime (3 years to be exact) and using android the first time…just took made me dump my WM immediately. Tho i must say that…talk/standby time is quite of an issue =_=


  7. None of these new models have keyboards, bleh…

  8. The chin is actually quite genius, it makes it so that you can set the phone down on its face and not scratch the screen.

  9. yo whats the phone with the qwerty keyboard? it looks hot! i heard that T-Mobile UK is getting the Hero, i hope it comes to the USA but im stuck, not sure if i should get the MT3G or the Hero (obviously much hotter)but whats that phone with the slide out qwerty keyboard?

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