Russian Android: Vobis Highscreen PP5420


highscreen-pp5420Introducing the first Android Phone available in Russia – the Vobis Highscreen PP5420 which is ONLY available in Russia. The phone is produced by VOBIS Computers and their purchase page explains that it is designed for Russia and not sold in other countries. Most notable on the phone is the 2nd touch-sensitive display beneath the main display that replaces the traditional buttons/trackball we’ve seen on the majority of Android Phones to date.

The Highscreen specs? It runs Android 1.5, has 128MB/256MB RAM/ROM, WQVGA display and 3MP camera . It has the following network technology:

  • GSM – 850/900/1800/1900
  • WCDMA/HSDPA – 900/2100

These are specs that won’t exactly blow you away but nonetheless its good to see smaller companies trying their hand at Android. We’ve seen similar attempts by the likes of General Mobile and Kogan with the Agora but it seems like we hear about them and they never truly surface or make it very far.

Will the Highscreen be any different?


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  1. If that picture is real… it seems it has a camera in the front of the phone too… like the GeekPhone one… most probably a .1 MP like it too… and dont know why… but it looks like a samsung phone… :/

  2. The second screen would make a great caller id screen for multi tasking. I could decide whether or not to take a call without interupting my current task. Awesome idea.

  3. I really like that 2nd screen, that’s awesome. I wouldn’t mind a phone like that…

  4. Is it me or does the 2nd “touch sensitive screen” look like a track/touch pad. Like on a laptop.

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