T-Mobile MyTouch 3G: July 8th NYC Event!


There have been grumblings about a July 8th launch event for the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and we can now confirm this is 100% true because we’ve just received our invitation!


So take off work, schedule a fake doctors appointment or just sit in your office chair with Phandroid on refresh and enjoy while we bring you as much awesome coverage as we humanly can. A ridiculous amount of people weren’t down with the physical keyboard of the G1 but craved an all-touch Android on T-Mo and that time has almost come…

Rob Jackson
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  1. Hmm I thought the hero is not a “with Google” phone? The paper is telling us otherwise :)

  2. fusion this isn’t the hero this is the USA version of the magic.

  3. Which I can’t wait for on August 5th. :)

  4. I’m not liking the lack of a hard keyboard. The G1 wins in that category hands down.
    Typing quickly on a virtual keyboard is very slow and laborious for people with large fingers.

  5. Man, I hate how much of a procedure it is to leave a comment here via the phone. Can’t we all just have accounts or smth? I allready forgot what I was gonna say!

  6. So, I’m gonna be your date, right?

  7. I saw and held the phone in my hand today its so small the buttons on the phone are smaller then they look on the pictures….the merlot look sexy ass hell!!

  8. He he he I meant sexy as hell =)

  9. I have to assume the stores will not get a display model before the release date in August, right? Looks great (I’m partial to the white one!) and the specs are awesome . . . just don’t know if I want to pre-order one when I haven’t played around with it.

  10. they make such a big deal of that phone… even everywhere else in the world it is already out for months…

  11. the stores already have demos.

  12. i guess we can all agree that the T-Mobile G2 will have a keyboard

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