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I just can’t stop being impressed by this phone. HTC just uploaded a video demonstrating the awesomeness to captivate you. Lots of widget use, Twitter, Calendar, Messaging and Stock Tickers. One has to wonder just who can type so fast on the portrait keyboard, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Tyler Miller

You Ask HTC: Hero and Sense Questions

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  1. lol ya right
    thanx 4 the great coverage
    shit man
    multi touch
    adobe flash
    and rosie all at once

    man i think im having a eart attack
    please see when this will come to middle east

  2. ……………..
    … . …. …….damn………
    Android is now my one and only choice for a phone OS……..

  3. This promo video is so lazy, and I can see now why the iPhone is more ubiquitous: their campaigns are far more about educating people about the mobile web than the promotion of the product itself. This video was great to watch for the first minute, but after that there’s nothing substantial to get new customers really invested in this product.

    I’m really hoping that Google, Android, and HTC step it up a notch to get these products out there for a wider audience.

  4. Dude what happened to the video can’t play

  5. I wonder why in that video they show yahoo finance and not google finance? seems strange to me.

  6. I like the footprints application… anyone else notice the “church of scientology” as one of their locations? haha… One question, is there no horizontal display?

  7. OMG OMG I want this :( I waited forever to find a good android phone and now that I’m about to finally leave sprint because they suck when it comes to android phones, YOU POST THIS UP!

    Mytouch doesn’t look that great now :(

  8. @ahmed
    ebay is your friend, unfortunately the phones that we get here seem to be only nokias and iphones

  9. Anyone notice what looks like multi-touch in the browser at 3:10? Is multi-touch enabled now? Or is that something that’s to come? Or did I just see it incorrectly?

  10. @Josh … yeah I noticed that too.

    I also noticed @ 2:54 minutes a call being made with in the top left corner the text “3G Mobile” does this mean Sense supports VOIP calls?

    I mean you don’t see the 3G icon or text anywhere else during the entire vid.

  11. I got the mytouch threw my job and I got push mytouch how can I after this. Sucks

  12. Nevermind I had the htc wing nightmares don’t want the wing on steroids! Android system can get better! Lol! Hero is nice.

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