Where Is ShopSavvy On Android Market?


ShopSavvy has been one of the most popular applications on Android Market since Day 1. But apparently, for a large number of users, ShopSavvy is missing from Android Market. The problem has been running for so long and so deep that ShopSavvy’s developers – Big In Japan – are asking for users to help them solve the problem.


Google can’t duplicate the problem. Neither can ShopSavvy folks. But Amazon recently reported the error and users have consistently been contacting the company about the missing app.

Is ShopSavvy on YOUR Android Market?

  • Open Android Market
  • Go to Applications > All Applications
  • Sort by Popularity

Is ShopSavvy there? Everything is fine for me – it appears as the 4th application.

  • Weather Channel
  • MySpace Mobile
  • Backgrounds
  • ShopSavvy
  • T-Mobile My Account
  • US Yellow Pages Search

If it DOESN’T appear for you, EMail them with a picture of the app missing on that screen and details about your phone/location/etc… probably wouldn’t hurt. Send it to: [email protected]

If you can’t get ShopSavvy on Android Market… you can download it here!

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  1. Showed up 4th on mine.

  2. same

  3. 4th by popularity in Market for me as well (Rodger build R2 on ADP1 phone with T-MObile as a provider).

  4. ShopSavvy shows up in my Market, even on the featured list.

  5. It showed up 4th in mine too
    but i have it installed and i have cupcake if that makes any difference at all

  6. where’s fbook…i loved that app. and its totally gone from the f’ing market…wth!!!!

  7. No problem here, shopsavvy is in the market

  8. Well, it shows up on mine but not my girlfriend’s G1. I am also missing fbook but it’s still on the developer website.

  9. ShopSavy is on place 3 but I cant find MySpace Mobile though …

  10. This is a real problem for many apps on the Market, not just ShopSavvy. I am a developer for Android, and there have been many occasions where I cannot see my own apps on the Market. Even when you search by name or view my publisher ‘page’. I have written to Google repeatedly about this, receiving no response at all. Upon further investigation (comparing my list of apps in the Market to my girlfriends), I came to realize that there were MANY apps that I was not seeing.

    While I do not know the reason for this, I do know that I was able to again see these phantom apps after doing a factory reset on my G1. Not sure if this will solve ShopSavvy’s problem.

    As a developer and customer I hope to see this issue resolved (or at least acknowledged) soon.

  11. You can download Shop Savvy and many other Android Apps directly to your PC or mobile Phone here: http://mobiload.de/shopsavvy-shopping-barcode-android-download.html

  12. Nice to see I wasn’t the only one missing apps. We have 2 G1s. Each was able to view/DL apps that the other could not. What I noticed, firmware versions were different, 1.1 vs. 1.5. I manually updated the firmware on my other G1, because the OTA failed, and bing shopsavvy was available. BTW don’t try and call Tmobile to have them push an OTA, they have no clue, and cannot tell you how the OTA process works.

  13. dosent show up in my markert, the download link dosen’t work on the phone either….tells me installation is unsuccessful

  14. i reset my phone and now many appl are missing ..one of theme is sky map..don’t know what to do..any one can help me pls…thank u:)

  15. I have a problem with shop savvy. When i open up the shop savvy, my camre starts fllashing (the flas light goes on and off) how do i turn it of? SInce it can not scan the barcode.Once it just turned off by itself and i was able to scan the barcode, but that was the only time. PLEASE HELP.
    P.s. i Have samsung behold 2

  16. Disappeared off market after upgrading rom to 2.1, was there before hand. Meteor Customer, Ireland.

  17. I want to download ShopSavvy barscanner App. It is not in my Market Apps.
    Please advise.
    Ruby Miller

  18. Please help download ShopSavvy App.

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