Jun 2nd, 2009

acer-aspire-netbookYesterday, Acer joined the Open Handset Alliance with intentions to bring an Android Phone(s) by 4th Quarter and we also saw a prototype Acer Smartbook running Android. Well the Acer news keeps pouring in because the company is now saying it will launch an Android Netbook or Android Smartbook or whatevery you want to call it by in 3rd Quarter 2009! That means July, August or September ladies and gentlemen.

Be excited. Be very excited.

Don’t be excited JUST for the launch of Acer Andriod Netbooks but also for every single Acer Netbook running Microsoft Windows as well:

“Netbooks are designed to be compact in size and easy to connect to the Internet wherever you go,” Jim Wong, Acer’s president of IT products, said in a statement. “The Android operating system offers incredibly fast wireless connection to the internet; for this reason, Acer has decided to develop Android Netbooks for added convenience to our customers.”

The Taiwanese manufacturer said the majority of Acer Netbooks will come with Android as an alternative operating system to Microsoft’s Windows.
(via cnet)

So pretty much every Acer Andriod Smartbook/Netbook (this naming thing …) will be available with Android as the OS if not already preloaded. Sweet.

PS: This also means that fellow Podcaster Spencer Gardner owes our other fellow Podcaster Joey Sochacki an Android Phone in 3rd Quarter if Acer follows through. Although Spencer may be going on a 2-year trip… will Joey cut him a break? Find out in our next Podcast which will take place who the heck knows when!

[Via WSJ]

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