Trent Reznor: NIN Android App On The Way!


When Apple rejected the Nine Inch Nails iPhone application, Trent Reznor flipped out, calling Android cool but pointless in the process. It appears Mr. Reznor has changed his mind as he recently tweeted that a NIN Android Application is on the way, coming right after a BlackBerry app.


He must have read that article about Android use growing 900% in 2009.

[Thanks Devolio]

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  1. smart decision……guys all talk though…

  2. What the hell does the NIN app do, anyway? Stream NIN songs? What’s the big deal?

  3. Who really wants the nin app? A waste of memory

  4. is the nin app so important and so great that it needs a post like this on phandroid? is it that big of a deal? who really knows what it does?is Nin a music group if so i have never heard of it and same with everyone else so who really cares.if no one knows about it then why is this app such a big deal. Someone clarify and tell us whats its about and what it doe

  5. Man screw that. He wants to hop on the andoid wagon now, because apple shut him down. That’s weak sauce. I say we boycott this app. And like someone said above, what’s the point of a NIN app anyways… LAME

  6. It is such a big deal because a couple weeks ago Trent said that “Android is cool, but nobody has it.” By saying that one is in development he is pretty much going against what he said and releasing one anyway.

  7. who cares about NIN anymore anyways?

  8. Love NIN and Trent..I knew he’d come around :P Day one purchase for me!

  9. I won’t buy it just to spite him….and his comment about Android. Plus, NIN was big in the mid 90’s.

  10. Why *after* the Blackberry version? Eh, he must be using the Q1 sales for his decision.

  11. I like NiN, I like android glad to see Trent Reznor change his mind. I will most likely get his app. I like the way he is against the big labels lawsuits.

  12. For some strange reason I feel hurt by his comment and just for that ill make sure me and my team of 9 other android freaks do not waste time or money even bothering with the nin app

  13. Fuck all you naysayers, NIN is amazing and Reznor is a genius when it comes to music/art/business…I’m more excited for this than cupcake.

  14. I say he can keep his APP and his love of the IPhone.

  15. Screw a the NIN app. Android users must have flooded him with complaints. Too late now buddy…you dumped on the platform.

  16. Everyone makes mistakes…

  17. the NIN app is actually amazing there’s a video of what it does somewhere. and i heard that apple accepted it after he took downward spiral off

  18. He’s a douche. Everything is going to be alright? Blow me.

  19. Douches say “blow me”.

  20. Nine inch nails fuckin rocks. The apps gonna be tight. How are you gonna let something said about android personally hurt your feelings? Get a fucking life! You just own a phone who cares about if someone likes it or not. I love it personally. So shut your 15 year old asses up and go do your fuckin homework.

  21. BEAU cant talk shit about us being losers he is also on the same website talking shit if you ask me that makes him and even bigger loser being an adult with nothing better todo than to talk shit on phandroid he is acctualy suposed to have a life. WHAT A FAG?

  22. Josh –
    Wow. You just completely and utterly discredited yourself in every possible way. Let’s go to the tape:

    1. Your grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation are non-existent. Therefore no one understands your point and you will win no followers.
    2. Your principle argument seems to be that Beau (note how I did not use ALL CAPS?) is frequenting a website that you also enjoy, yet his being here makes him a bad person in some way?
    3. Your parting shot – Dude. Don’t ever do that again. Being homosexual is neither a crime nor a social stigma, so when you use an epithet like “Fag” you prove yourself to be ignorant, bigoted, and stupid (and yes my friend, ignorant and stupid are two very different things). I beg you, stop doing that. Stop saying “fag” as an insult. Stop calling things that are cheesy or lame “gay” or “ghey”. I guarantee you that every time you say that you are insulting someone who is very close to you. It is statistically impossible *not* to know at least one homosexual. They may not have told you, but how could they when you call people “fags”?
    Damn, kid. It’s only the internet. One day you’re going to say that in the wrong place and get your ass handed to you in a bar fight.
    4. A question mark? Really? You only used 2 punctuation marks in the whole post and you got one of them wrong? That’s terrible.

  23. Wow, this will be the first app worth downloading on the market.

  24. @ J.McCarty – That made me laugh for like 5 minutes, thank you.

    Anyways, I think he realized he really messed up when he released that comment about Android but unfortunately for him (judging by the comments here alone and the title of his twitter post) enough damage was done already. For someone who’s a ‘genius’ at business that was a pretty big screw up he’s trying to back peddle. He probably did read the 900% growth article and also problem got bombarded with comments and realized his error. I’m a NIN fan but honestly, any inclination I had to buy this app is already gone.

    For me the turn off to this app was his original comment and then the back peddling, it just shows it was strictly business and not about the fans.

  25. I for one enjoy reading stupid flame wars about some stupid app that does nothing but play music.

  26. You guys can be really ridiculously emo! Trent always said Android was cool, just that it wasn’t as popular as the iPhone.

    The whole purpose of this app –WHICH IS FREE I MIGHT ADD–is just to help as many NIN fans as possible to communicate with each other during the tour with live posts and msgs. A lot from the venues themselves. So the whole point is to get it out on a big platform first. He has an iPhone so he started there. What’s the big deal? Everyone is entitled to their favorite phone/platform.

    He has stated that now it will be coming out on Blackberry and Android now so everybody can stfu with the stupid fanboyism.lol

    ***For the record I am a huge iPhone and Apple fan as well but there is no way in hell I am going to switch from TMobile to AT&T which I loathe. Plus the fact that Apple tried to censor the app (they eventually changed their mind when everybody got pissed off) ticked me off at Apple as well. I also love the freedom that Android has from this bull. So it’s all Android for me. Waiting for that HTC My Touch to hit TMobile any day now.

  27. Too bad I went to the first show of the NIN/JA tour so I already missed out on the fun of this app. I just kept looking at everybody’s iPhones and asking to peek. lol

  28. He is planning to release Android App after the BB release ! As if those government officials and Corp types who carry BB have any clue about what NIN app does ? This is the second time in a row Trent has been clueless about the most promising platform to release his App for…

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