Samsung i7500: Switzerland For $630 Without Contract In July


samsung-i7500-pressThe Samsung i7500 is locked and loaded as the first ever Samsung Android Phone and we’re eagerly awaiting its launch. Samsung has already announced its availability in Europe starting in June but now we’re getting price details from a foreign language Samsung site. So what do we learn?

The Samsung i7500 will be available in Europe starting in June and Switzerland starting in July for the price of 699 CHF (Swiss Francs) without a contract. Converted to US Dollars it amounts to $630 bucks.

Here is the original Samsung Press release translated to English:

Open is not: SAMSUNG I7500 presented with its first Android phoneZurich, 28 April 2009 – SAMSUNG Electronics has launched the Samsung I7500 is the first among the leading mobile phone manufacturers a Android phone on the market. The smartphone with a full-Touch AMOLED display offers high-speed Internet access to various Google services, and much scope for individual design. The Samsung I7500 is in Switzerland from July 2009 to a non-binding target of CHF 699 – (without contract) is available.

“SAMSUNG has been one of the first members of the Open Handset Alliance, and was therefore very keen for the most innovative Android handset to market.” As JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile Communication Division SAMSUNG Electronics. «With Samsung technology leadership and the consistent strategy of all available operating systems to support, I am convinced that we offer our customers the largest selection and thus offer the greatest benefit.”

“With Android, we offer an operating system to the user a high degree of freedom and individuality possible. In combination with technical finesse, elegance and a variety of multimedia functions, the device is definitely sexy. “, Says Martin Wallner, head of telecommunications at Samsung Electronics Austria.

Google with Highspeed

The Samsung I7500 features a 3.2 inch wide full touch screen AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) that provides sunlight even with a color reproduction is guaranteed. About HSDPA and WiFi connectivity, access to the full Internet browser, and numerous other Google services like Google ™ Search ™, Google Maps ™, Gmail ™, YouTube ™, Google Calendar ™ and Google Talk ™ at breathtaking speed. The integrated GPS receiver allows features such as Google Maps My Location, Latitude, Google, Street View, Local Search and Route Description comfortably underway to use. In addition, the Android market, hundreds of applications. For example, examines the application Wikitude – a mobile travel guide – information about places at the relevant Wikipedia page, and displays the searched data on the mobile phone.

Perfect Multimedia phone with long battery duration

Thanks SAMSUNG technology leadership is the I7500 with the latest multimedia features. The 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED guarantees high-resolution photos. The Music Player plays all common formats, like MP3, AAC, e-AAC +, WMA and RealAudio audio. Videos are in MPEG4 format, WMV or H.263 or H.264, and play. With Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 allows the user a wireless headset or transfer files. The 8 GB internal memory of 32 GB using a MicroSD card to 40 GB can be expanded, there are numerous photos, videos and MP3 files place. A powerful 1500mAh battery ensures long operating times.

The Samsung I7500 is from June 2009 in Europe and likely from July in Switzerland on a non-binding target of CHF 699 – (without contract) is available.

Specifications Samsung I7500

I like how it starts with “Open is not”… proof that translations are anything but perfect.
[Thanks Michael!]
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  1. Yeah baby!!! I can’t wait.

  2. 630 bucks? I want one, but not that bad. Is it made out of solid gold?

  3. @NR Bovee Maybe you can buy a knock off “Samfun” phone running “Anroid” on Canal st in NYC for $63.

  4. $630 for the I7500 is pretty alright – in comparison I paid a whopping 885 bucks for the overpriced Xperia X1 last fall. What I need to know before I get my hands on this bad boy is the amount of RAM it’s packing, the speed of the processor and whether or not it has a digital compass.

  5. Yea, I saw a whole mess of those on a website recently, like Nokla, Samkung and aPhone.
    But considering I did a lot of dickering and managed to walk out of TMo with my G1 for $27 after some account credits I can’t complain.

  6. they need to get it over with already and have a microchip installed in everyones’ head

  7. 3.5mm headphone jack + 40gb storage + I’ve been craving android for 9 MONTHES = i’ll probably buy one and hate my self for a little while. $630 is alot of money and no physical keyboard is a definite minus, but i’m not willing to wait for perfection.

  8. That’s serious one upsmanship on 16GB iPhone users too. You can always point out if your phone gets full you can pull the SD and put in another one.

  9. $630 hmmmm…for a free operating system i dont know…
    I have been waiting a long time for a android phone without a contract. Probably I end up paying $630 since there are no alternatives.

  10. The truth is it is only price at $630 because some analyst said they can sell it for that much to maximize profits. Despite anyone being able to afford it I believe it would be better to boycott the phone for that price. That price is ridiculous. Its like buying the latest BMW or Mercedes and paying well over the MSRP just because it is a hot item.

    You can buy a dell laptop for half the price.

  11. The HTC Magic will be equivalently priced (at approximately 600 USD according to Vodafone Italy, not sure about other countries), which I believe matches similar phones on the market. Perhaps one could argue it is a ridiculous price, but the same price level applies to all high-end phones, whether we are talking about Android, Windows, Mac, Symbian etc etc. Sure a laptop costs half the price, but a equivalent UMPC does not.

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