Swiss HTC Magic Coming In June


swiss-cheese-phoneThe bad news is that the HTC Magic is delayed for launch in Switzerland. The good news is that we didn’t know it was scheduled for May release in the first place so this is more of a date announcement than date delay. TSR.ch is reporting that the HTC Magic will launch in June on Switzerland’s Sunrise mobile carrier. It could also be made available on Swisscom which is Vodafone’s Swiss partner/subsidiary.

Here is the text – translated from French to English – from the source article:

The delivery of the HTC at Magic Sunrise, as in other European operators, appears to be delayed. According to recent feedback obtained, the highly anticipated cell run by the operating system Google Android should now arrive in mid-June rather than late May.

Rates later if nothing is completely decided yet, the device should be offered without subscription between 700 and 800 francs. The operator also offer a free with a subscription type Flat max that includes a data plan.

The Magic is an evolution of G1 also manufactured by the Taiwanese HTC. Its design seems to me more successful. Unlike the G1 (test), it has no physical keyboard, a touch interface. This is one of the most serious rival to the iPhone. Swisscom could offer through its partner Vodafone.

We’re facing so many “launching in XYZ country” tips, rumors and articles that we’re going to need a separate website just to cover launch dates! I’m not familiar with the source site so take this as rumor until we get some verification of authenticity but a quick glance checks out and considering the recent flurry of similar stories there is no reason to doubt it.

[Thanks mfavez!]

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  1. Swisscom is the former Swiss federal telecommunications monopolist, not a subsidiary of Vodafone. Vodafone used to own a 25% stake of Swisscom Mobile, a former daughter company of Swisscom, but Swisscom bought back those shares in 2006. Swisscom Mobile doesn’t exist anymore as far as I know, the brand has been deleted and is now merged into Swisscom proper.

    Just thought I’d let you know :)

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