Apr 16th, 2009

After a 1.5 week hiatus the Phandroid Podcast is back! With the blame for delay placed squarely on my own shoulders, I will gladly use the out-of-town wedding (congrats Karen and Anthony Perez!) and need to “catch up” as my scapegoat. But not like you care – the important part is we’re back! And yes, we will try our best to release at the BEGINNING of each week… no promises!

In any case, Episode 5 features Rob Jackson (me), Joey Sochacki (@sochacki on twitter) and Spencer Gardner (@spencergardner on twitter) with a short and sweet podcast compared to the first 4 episodes, weighing in at 37 minutes. We cover a wide array of Android topics from hardware news to software rumors and everything in between!

podcastlogo3001 [audio:http://phandroid.com/podcasts/phandroidpodcast-5.mp3]

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Here are some links to the items on the agenda if you’d like to follow along and go more in depth:

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