huawei1Ok, not really; but with only one awkwardly angled picture to go off of, we can’t help but think it looks like the other guy. Specifications about the phone are scarce, but what is rumored, for now at least, is a delicious 5 mega pixel camera and a 3.5mm head jack. That’s right, no need for a cumbersome adapter! With the recent FCC approval of UMA on the HTC Magic (aka G2) we can only hope this will be included in Huawei’s yet unnamed phone. No firm release date has been announced, just the vaguely stated “Q3 2009”.

For the time being, the rumor is that the phone will carry another company’s brand name, much like T-Mobile’s current HTC phones are branded T-Mobile.

[Via TMOnews]

Tyler Miller

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  1. i love the look of that phone i just dont like the middle(home buttons) part it look so fake !!

  2. I have a question what going on April 1 ???????

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