Samsung Android Picture Leaks


Samsung is working on an Android phone – that’s a fact. But beyond that, nobody knows what, when or anything else. We’ve all speculated that the Instinct and Omnia might breed to form a Samdroid but that’s an educated guess at best. Now, however… we’ve got something to base our opinions on.


At a dealer event in Amsterdam an incredibly blurry picture was taken of a presentation slide showing a candybar phone with a large touchscreen display. The specs onboard the device are said to be 3G connectivy suitable for US and Europe/Asia (2 different devices, same model), 3.2-5 MP camera, 528MHz processor, MicroSD slot, Bluetooth 2.0 and A2DP.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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  1. Looks more like an desktop icon actually.
    It`s not blurry, the image of the phone itself is low quality.

  2. Kind of looks like the Palm Pre with its rounded edges.

  3. All Samsung touchscreen phones are resistive, not capacitive. I’m wondering if Android can even work with a resistive touch screen… I know I can’t. :p

  4. Samsung is moving toward capacitive touchscreens, look at the new Omnia HD. If this has a better camera then all HTC phones, it will be my next phone.

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