HTC Sapphire Might Be The T-Mobile G2


Earlier today, HTC’s entire 2009 roadmap was leaked and it included 25 different devices. We already knew that at least one or two of these would be Android devices, right? But which ones? It seems the HTC Sapphire is probably the T-Mobile G2.

That information is lining up perfectly with information and pictures that TMO News has that have signs pointing to true: The HTC Sapphire is probably the T-Mobile G2.

It looks pretty nice… a more round, asthetically pleasing version of the G1. That’s great and all, but what we really want to know is how the specs measure up.

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UPDATE: HTC 2009 Roadmap Leaked, Android Included

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  1. so tell….. if they can produce some more applying, how and who approved the current design?
    these guys are lossers. pretty put: i am a losser for buying something this ugly knowing they will make a better one.

  2. i’m more than happy with my G1. as long as it has android market, color me impressed.

  3. I love my G1. I think the design is great. It’s functional. What it lacks in sex appeal doesn’t really matter. That’s why I have my wife. :p

  4. Although the looks may not appeal to many of the current G1 owners (because face it, you probably got it for the OS, not the looks) I know for a fact that it does matter to a lot of people. My friends love the android OS, but hate the look of the G1, this phone may change that… and to think only a few months ago they were swearing for the iphone :) (not hey aren’t tech savvy)

  5. Ok. I was going to wait for a better Android phone but I’m tired of waiting. I have also noticed that the droids coming out in the future seem to be more expensive or have to potential to do so. The only thing that I did not like about the current G1 is that the screen was not as big as I would like. Anyway, I have decided to jump in. I cannot wait anymore. However, I am an economist. Especially in these times. I have never used the data package much and don’t have a real need to start now. I have Tmobile but plan to buy a G1 and unlock it so I don’t have to pay for the extra $25 -$35 a month. I am hoping to be able to download all of the apps that I like through the built in WiFi. I also may turn on the data package on months where i may be on vacation or just want to use the data package. I just don’t want to be committed to 2 years of an increased phone bill. After all of that bla bla, here’s my question. I have heard it said that without the data package a lot of the apps will not work. Will they not work with the
    WiFi or when I decide to turn on the data package from time to time. I also heard that the gmail may not be accessible through the WiFi. Is this true. Comments anyone?

  6. I hope it has better settings for the camera then the g1 has. Also I am curious as to what they will charge for this model. I got caught paying full price due to not being upgrade time for me. Lol! But…….I know I will be buying it I am sure regardless.

  7. blah. no physical keyboard.

    I’d rather have the rhodium.

  8. Theres one thing they need to improve on in the ‘G2’ before anything else. Battery life, that needs to be the number one priority.

    We need a phone that can last a minimum of 2 days even with heavy usage, having to charge twice a day is a joke, and not a funny one!

  9. @Col…. you only charge twice a day?
    Lucky you.
    Mine dies every 4 hours even on standby. That’s with GPS and WIFI turned off.
    Practically they want you to turn everything off just to have battery life.

    Don’t tell me about cupcake.

  10. The keyboard is the only part of the hardware that I actually care for, and the new one won’t have it.
    I need a new android handset already, because the lens on the camera cracked on mine somehow, while in my pocket, so 2 month old phone now has no camera.

  11. Cool. Nice phone.

  12. hi all

    I have not yest jumped into the G1 lovefest, but will soon. I see many things about the battery life, but understand that it is all down to calibration. If from day1 the phone was left to die, then fully charged, then left to die, etc; for about 4-5 timesthen the phone would be able to guage when the battery was actually going to die and therefore give you a more accurate reading. Undoubtably, turning off stuf you do not need is a plus and optimizing the phones settings is a good thing too. Any new HTC androids that come out may or may not be subsidised by the networks (i know here in the UK, they are heavily subsidised) and so may be more expensive as a result. Plus the tendancy among the handset developers is to go all touch screen at the expense of key boards. I have found this to be a retrograde step in development as keyboards in my mind are vastly under rated when emailing or texting. I think the G1 will be here to stay.

  13. I plan to buy an unlocked G1. I have heard it said that without the data package a lot of the apps will not work. Will they not work with the WiFi or when I decide to turn on the data package from time to time. I also heard that the gmail may not be accessible through the WiFi. Is this true. Comments anyone?

  14. What they need to do is Add UMA capabilities! why would you not use the “most exclusive” thing on your network to market even better?

  15. @RAWG1 – Apps including gmail work on Wi-Fi although gmail must be set up over the T-Mobile network initially. Of course, some apps such as mapping are meant to be used on the go with a data package.

  16. Thanks much Doc. That’s what I wanted to know.

  17. Every month they say wait, wait, video will be here, flash drive will be here, g1 sucks, verizon is better


  19. there is an app for the battery problem in the android market. it really brings the charging down to once a day the app cost a dollar but well worth it. it is called power manager. ive used the g1 now since its release, ive tried a storm, and i can’t see the sense of the iphone. the g1 has wifi and removable media. and is open to development by anyone. yellow pages for g1= free. vzw 15 bucks for the app, att must cost and arm a leg and your first born. all phones are nice but i find for all around the iphone is meant for music, the blackberry will never be more than email based, and the g1 evolves daily, what do you want it to do? i use my g1 for everything the internet is very fast. the only downfall i find is the phone will not work without having a data package, you cannot even make calls. but why would you buy a g1 if you didnt intend on using it what it was built for. thats like buying 4 wheel drive in florida for buying grocieries. the storm i noticed freezes constantly, cant keep up with its software. i have researched these phones a lot. i often wonder though, why is the battery as small as it is, the sidekicks battery is 5 times larger yet the sidekick is not too much bigger.

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