HKC Pearl: Android Hybrid Affection


Take a usually cheap knock off phone, throw in Windows Mobile and Android operating systems onto it and what do you have? A cheap way to catch our attention.

Chinese company HKC has done their best HTC impersonation with a device dubbed the Pearl – it bares an undeniable resemblence to the latter company’s stylistic impressions:

Not bad looking, right? And the ability to run Windows Mobile OR Android on the same device is a pretty darn neat novelty. For now, consider it just that… a novelty that won’t find a home outside China. But its very possible that a dual-OS mobile device hits the masses within the next year.

Meanwhile, phandroid reader and AndroidForums member Droideo, who also runs Droideo.com, tracked down the following video of the HKC Pearl:

The OS is in Chinese and the music is as obnoxiously annoying as Barbara Streisdand on blast, but if you can endure the eardrum damage you’ll see that even though it looks like a fake HTC, the HKC Pearl is for real.

[Via Android Forums, Engadget China]

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  1. A usually knock-off cheap phone???
    HKC is high quality brand guys! It’s a Taiwanese manufacturer who created the 1rst 3G DUAL SIM wifi mobile (the G1000 you can find on siatronics.com).
    HKC products are often expensive but very good quality.
    HKC often works for HTC and other brands. Its Pearl Android is available on Pixmania.fr , imported in Europe by … HASEE France!

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