Lenovo OPhone: Sexy Chinese Android


The spied out Lenovo OPhone looks like something that many expected from HTC in the first go-round- a beautiful, all-touch screen device that looks super sleek. And while Lenovo is known best for their brand of laptops, at least on the surface they appear to know what the heck they’re doing.

While it looks really nice, this phone currently has two huge problems:

  1. The guts are composed of TD-SCDMA technology meaning the phone, in its current state, would only work in China. While that isn’t a problem for our Chinese friends, it’s rather depressing for us and thus makes the list. It could be re-engineered to meet American needs, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
  2. The name “OPHONE” seems to be reserved and trademarked by a company called OWonder who plan on developing an Open Source mobile phone called the OPhone. In the eyes of Lenovo, the name OPhone was probably a play on one of the O’s in Lenovo. One vote for them updating the name to LenOphone, remaking it for American standards and having it endorsed by Jay Leno as the “Leno Phone”. Anything to get us more Androids, please.

Alright HTC, this is your queue to blow everyone out of the water with an All-Touch Android. Speaking of which, unlike many others, we’re happy the first Android handset had a full QWERTY slideout and couldn’t be happier with the G1. We’re not complaining, only lusting for a broader selection.

[Via Unwired View, Engadget]

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  1. Great Article, That is a nice phone, someone could get it “american” [=

  2. Chinese is depressing, could be re-engineered for American needs.
    Obviously, the rest of the non-Chinese world is American. Duh.

  3. As far as I know the OPhone does not run on the Android OS, but perhaps a twisted version of Linux-based open hand-set. China Mobile is reportedly develolping their own OS so to rely less on international player like Windows/Google/Apple.

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