Asians and Aussies Anticipating Android


That’s a lot of A’s – Ain’t it? And if word on the street is true, there will be a lot of Androids being shipped out to Australia and Asia in holiday 2008 and 1st half of 2009, respectively. And by Androids we mean… and Android Phone… not necessarily the G1.

An Australian company named Kogan has announced that it wants to release an Android Phone before Christmas. The rumor was confirmed on the company blog and it casually mentions that Gizmodo and others first reported it and claims, “I still don’t have a name for this product,” yet not author is listed on the post.

The company appears to be legit – if overly casual – and I’d love to hear from any Down Under Phandroids who want to chime in on this news. The phone should go for $199 and details like pictures and specs are forthcoming. Although it apparently still needs a name.

Meanwhile, parts of Asia it seems will get the one-and-only first ever Android Phone, the G1, at some point in the first half of 2009. With all the killer devices Asian markets get their hands on, I wonder if they’ll be complaining about the form factor as much as everyone (you’re annoying) around my parts of the world. Since the G1 is going to Asian buyers on eBay for bazillions of dollars, we can probably assume they’re like us and just want Android.

But there are still a lot others wondering “When will WE get Android?” To that question I have no answer… but I hope one will come soon!

[Via Kogan, DigiTimes]

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