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Alright folks, we took some pictures of the beautiful T-Mobile G1 in all its glory. But first, take a look at the stage and setting when the announcement was being made:

After the actual press conference, we were able to go downstairs and play with the phones. Here is some pictures of me using the actual device:

When we first came in, we were given a name badge, a schedule and a USB stick. The USB stick has some press information and a media kit. Here are some pictures of the G1 from the media kit…. its not surprising their photographers did a little bit better of a job hehe:

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  1. These pics make me wish I ordered mine in white instead!

  2. As a software developer, I’m hopeful the G1 will eliminate the carrier’s involvement with software purchases. Most consumers can’t imagine how many hoops developers are required to go thru just to get an application into a carrier’s “store” or “vending machine”. And we go thru those hoops for each phone model, on each carrier’s network. And some carriers require big “quality assurance and validation” fees before they will distribute a piece of software. Imagine how many sales it takes just to break even. (Oh, and the carriers control the price, not the developers).

    The iPhone removed the carrier from the loop, and it introduced PC-like performance on a phone. But it also introduced Apple into the sales process. Good for them, and marginally good for me. But that doesn’t really solve the problem…it just moves it.

    Full details of the G1’s software installation process have not been revealed yet. Lets hope that PC-like freedom emerges, that web-based software sales and installations take place, and middlemen and carriers have only marginal value in the ecosystem that emerges.

  3. Chris,

    I read this article on engadget:

    After reading it, I think that the G1 will allow for PC like freedom in app installation. Indeed, it MUST if the G1 is to succeed. T-Mobile realizes this, as does Google. Neither one want to see the G1 fail.

  4. This phone is smoking hot im getting one for my birfday Nov.13 yeah imma be the cutest one!!

  5. This is just about the ugliest phone I have ever seen. I mean c’mon! All this innovation and they couldn’t even make it a little bit sexy? (It reminds me of the big ugly gray “Zack Morris” phones from the late eighties) It looks cheap and despite the fact that it has a touch screen AND a keypad, it’s still pretty boring. I mean seriously, who are they trying to sell this phone to? Consumers or developers? I know that the Android platform is making every developer cream in their pants (they can’t wait to get their hands on the SDK to get themselves a piece of that ten million dollar google pie) but for me as a consumer, I don’t really much care about all the technology stuff. I just want something that will work for me. Something that looks cool. Something that I can show off to all my friends who have iphones! I can’t do that with this cheap plastic brick! Put some color on it. Make it more sleek. Put some chrome on it. Make it shiny. And do it quick!

  6. @ little jerry seinfeld – while it isn’t as “Sexy” as the iphone, it has everything that i, personally, was looking for, EVERYTHING.
    Large touch screen? check. qwerty keyboard? check. wifi? check. built in gps? check. accelerometer? check. some sort of 5-way navigation? check!

    i don’t see how they could have made this phone any more sexy with all of the above features.

  7. Agree with Seinfield. The phone is just as ugly as Gates and just as boring as Gates-Seinfeld commercials.

    Yes, it is a nice thought, to have a platform which is as open as Windows. It might on the end be even better idea compared to locked-in carriers or even Apple’s new iPhone platform. Speaking of Apple, the whole story with iPhone vs Google Phone is scarily similar to the story of MAC vs PC in eighties, which Apple (even with power-apps and better GUI) lost terribly. It is – as I call it – a fundamental trade-off between user-centered (mac) vs developper centered (pc) design.
    Noone can really tell which side requires more attention in a growing mobile devices market, but one thing is for shure: every platform has to take care of both developers AND end users (and hardware suppliers and any other sides).

    Google’s power app is internet content while Apple’s is multimedia. Both have considerable user base on portable devices, and both markets are growing rapidly. THE question for me is actually if this two can actually coexist – unlike PC erradicated MAC – due to network externalities each separate platform could generate. I think that due to the experience from the PC market and the very differentiated user base, and the stronger multimedia user base, the mobile platforms market is never going to be as open as PC OS.

    But in general, we all (developers, users, carriers) need time, as it seems even Google is not ready.

  8. G1 is a iphone killa___4sure. Yes G1 isss….Not the nokia 5800. Developers/software engineers are leaning towards the G1 now to expand on their development. ~while Apple is now doing catch up to match Googles plan. Dont get me wrong though they are sucessful_–> but indeed greedy mutha fucckaz. Developers are going to be the sucess for the G1 and all other Android OS phones. [Gphone Enthusiast] yes, biased view. (because biased media) {:

  9. To Container and Little Seinfeld:

    Have you both ever heard the phrase: “don’t judge the book by its cover”?. It not what’s on the outside of things, its the inside that counts the most. Once you get the G1 phone, mess with the features (especially the Android) that it offers, you will forget how the outside looks like. You won’t even mind any more.

  10. This phones looks ok but the features is sweet. Can’t wait to get one!

  11. yeaaaa sure!

  12. I think people that conplain about how ugly is the g1 they just dont have the money to buy them get over it im getting mine in seven days and at last im selling my sidekick 08 thats a really ugly and shity phone u cant even in browser watch videos thats really sucks but g1 is the better phone right now u dont like it then shut the #%^& up and buy a i phone (let it not be a replica) ;) peace

  13. I lik3 th3 g1 b3caus3 its cut3 n u could go youtub3 n watch v3dios ok. dont hat3 on th3 phon3 hatc3 what u hav3 n ur pock3t. p3ac3 out

  14. ya shouldnt hav3 say bad comm3nts on th3 phon3 b3caus3 that didnt hav3 to bring it out to ya. what3v3r phon3 th3y bring out th3 stor3 or company bring out if you dont lik3 it k33p ur mouth shut.

  15. I don’t care what any of you haters say about the phone being “ugly”. I love my G1 and it’s the best thing since sliced bread with melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Ya’ll better get with the program and stop hatin’. I ordered mine 1 day and to my surprise it came the next without express shipping. I was on it for 8 hours to get used to it. Like someone said the nes who think they are ugly are probably the ones who don’t have the money for them.

  16. i reset my g1 mistakenly to factory everything has how can i reinstall its software and where from

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