HTC Dream Demo Video!


The HTC Dream got a surprise LIVE demo by the Google Boys themselves at Google Developer Day in London. While the branding is “covered” by masking tape, everything points to this being the latest and greatest video demo of the HTC Dream, complete with Android Version 1.0!

Ahhh… glorious.

He shows the “Blue Dot Demo” which is just a ball floating around that you can change its path by tilting the phone, zapping the dot with a tap of the screen or even slinging it around. Its a pointless application for the most part… but the speaker said he got the frame rate to 40 frames per second with the demo! WOW!

This thing looks POLISHED.

[Via CNET]

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HTC Dream: October 20th!

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  1. note that he also says “this device has a GPS”…

  2. the video isn’t working , fyi. i’m looking forward to seeing this silly little game.

  3. did you try to play the big video or the little one? the little one is just a thumbnail. I need to fix the site layout a bit, it has some minor flaws that are majorly annoying.

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