Aug 25th, 2008

Realizing their HTC Dream FCC submission uncovered a peep hole to the highly speculated HTC Dream and first ever Android Phone, the company recently  moved to cover their tracks. In the process, they uncovered even more.

After an official request to replace the somewhat detailed figures of the DREA100, the FCC obliged and it was replaced with information showing that the HTC Dream’s dimensions: 115 by 55 mm! That leaves it shorter and narrower than the iPhone 3G although it will likely be thicker due to the Full QWERTY keyboard.

So how does this compare to upcoming phones besides the iPhone 3G? Engadget put together a quick diagram comparing the HTC Dream, iPhone 3G, HTC Touch Pro and Xperia X1:

  • HTC Dream: 115 x 55-mm
  • iPhone 3G: 115.2-mm x 62.1-mm
  • Xperia X1: 110.5 x 52.6-mm
  • HTC Touch Pro: 102 x 51-mm

Not too shabby. But lets keep in mind that the Touch Pro is also an HTC device with a Full QWERTY and appears to be quite a bit smaller. This doesn’t bother me, personally, as if I’m going to have a Full QWERTY I want the buttons to be large enough and spread out enough to make it enjoyable to use. A Full QWERTY that is cramped and hard to type with defeats the purpose of its existence.

It seemed like we would NEVER get the leaks, scoops and rumors on these Android Phones but finally they are starting to trickle out. Stay tuned folks!

[Via Engadget]

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