Aug 12th, 2008

Finally, something fresh. The he-said/she-said hype covering delayed/not-delayed rumors was low hanging fruit that we preferred not to follow. We even passed up the recent video of what SOME are saying COULD-maybe-possibly-look like-it-might be the HTC Dream – we don’t want to stretch for Android News that isn’t there. But now we’ve got some release information that is a bit more interesting.

According to a “trusted source”, the HTC Dream (model G1) will begin pre-selling on September 17th for $150. The presale will be available ONLY for existing customers and last 7 days. Apparently the phone will be available in black, white and brown. The source suggests you’ll need a GMail account for the phone to work and it will come equipped with 3G, a slide out QWERTY and a 5″ by 3″ touch screen.

We’re guessing that if the above info is true, that the phones will ship on October 1st – when T-Mobile’s 3G network is rumored to launch. At this point or later the HTC Dream G1 will be offered up in-store to new and existing customers.

Please be reminded this is COMPLETE speculation from a supposed trusted source but not OUR trusted source so I can’t comment on how legit the information actually is. We hope its true… but we cannot guarantee anything. At all. However, feel free to speculate all you want in the space below!

[Via TMOnews]

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