Verizon’s 1st Open Device…


Is a modem. That’s right folks… a modem.

While anyone could have guessed that the first device wouldn’t be an Android phone, we’re guess nobody is too excited about the reality: the launch of a machine-to-machine modem to alert businesses of supply chain deficiencies and communicate the need to replenish the supply.

How boring. And according to Tony Lewis, Verizon Wireless’ VP of Open Development, “Most of the devices that we are seeing are of the machine-to-machine type.” They are not only practical, but they are simple and bare bones which fit the requirements and needs of Verizon’s Open Network initiative quite well.

How about cool consumer gadgets… like Android phones? According to Lewis, the company has had “a couple of conversations” about these type of projects. He is obviously in no place to reveal the plans or possibilities of the Big Red’s partners so there is no reason to try and read into this. Unfortunately, its the only thing that gadget geeks seem to care about.

So until more solid evidence of an Android phone surfaces we’ll have to continue reaching for rumors. Haven’t you heard the latest? The HTC Rose might be an Android Phone. Oh… oh… and what about that Nokia Phone in the Dark Knight? The Dark Android?

Please excuse the lack of recent information… we’ve been extremely busy doing our Android rain dance. AND NOW… MAY THE GADGET GODS RAIN DOWN ANDROID UPON US! Please? Hello?

[Via MocoNews]

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