May 6th, 2008

The news poured in several days in advance of HTC’s May 6th Press Conference that the self-proclaimed game changing announcement was actually the release of the HTC Touch Diamond and NOT the HTC Dream, the first Android Phone, as many had hoped. Still, we held out hope that the rumors were wrong and that an Android Phone would make a surprise appearance.

It appears the appearance is now impossible… and so the Dream will remain a mobile fantasy and a figment of your imagination.

Thanks to our boy – The Boy Genius – we were able to follow along live via his quick textual updates and on/off choppy video from qik. He appears to be the only major tech blog that provided live coverage so big props to him for coming through in the clutch!

The HTC Touch Diamond DOES look pretty cool and it sounds like it has some innovative inclusions but… it just left us wondering if it was worth they hype? We just recently jumped over the CTIA hurdle… why not make this announcement there? We’re sure it was some cigar filled room strategery but to build up the announcement of a phone to such grand heights when it seems like week after week a new “The Next Big Thing” is released only serves to undercut their product.

The fact is, they said it would be revolutionary. The fact is, people equated revolutionary with Android. And, the fact is, they under delivered in that regard. But… could the handset live up to expectations once we get it in our hands?

It is a possibility. But it also is running Windows Mobile and, being an Android News Source, we just can’t bring ourselves to speculate further. We’ll let the big boys like BGR do the speculating why we rid ourself of our Un-Dreamified frustrations.

We still love you HTC… just GIVE US OUR DREAM!

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