Apr 18th, 2008

The Android Developer’s Challenge appears to have been a HUGE success with Google having received 1,788 from over 70 countries. Apparently coders are crammers – with time running out, Google started receiving Android App entries at a rate of 170 per hour!

Now it’s time for the 100+ judges to start reviewing each submission and deciding which 50 are worthy of the $25,000 to continue development. Actually… wow… that means nearly 3% of the entries will receive $25,000 and that sure as heck isn’t bad. You’ve got to be one of the elite submissions but if you are… you could be golden. And if not… there’s no reason your application can’t still hit the mainstream.

It will be interesting to see if these submissions/companies are slowly leaked out over the coming days/weeks or if they’ll still want to protect their proprietary information and remain developing in private. We would prefer the former so cmon guys – give us some juicy apps to peek at!

Congratulations to all the developer’s who were able to put together a project and submit for the Android Developer’s Challenge. I envy you… and YOU are the reason that Android WILL be the mobile revolution. That’s a heckuva thing to be proud of.

Read Google’s Announcement about receiving the Android submissions.