1 More Month for Android Developers


April 14th is the deadline for Android Developers to submit their entries for the Android Developer’s challenge. The date is quickly approaching and there is certainly a lot at stake… the top 50 entries will receive $25,000 dollars to fund further development.

Google’s official Android Dev Blog made the announcement, probably as a kick in the pants for current developers and a code red to those who haven’t yet got started. We’re just passing along the sense of urgency and hope you’ve got all your ducks in a line.

What are the chances any one developer or development team will walk away with a cool quarter k? It will be interesting to see how many entries get stacked on the judges table. When Google announces the winners of Round 1 will they also share any of the application ideas? Will they make the submissions, submitters or any of the entry information public?

We’re dying to see the aggregate results of the Android Developer’s challenge… but a closer look at some of the actual apps being created would give us unlimited inspiration for new articles.

Only 29 days and counting…

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  1. We are trying to wrap up our submission but are still experiencing two major problems: (1) The media content provider just doesn’t seem to work. We are unable to place a single entry into them and (2) The emulator does not support audio recording so we are unable to test. We have combed through all available the documentation – and groups – but are unable to find a solution. Are these known SDK issues?

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