Android Code Day: Tomorrow in Cambridge!


If you haven’t signed up, you’re out of luck, but tomorrow is a gathering of Google Android Code Developer’s in Cambridge, MA. The event is from 10AM to 4PM in Harvard Square at the Charles Hotel.

The event is described by Google to be, “an immersive introduction and hands-on session for Android.” We’re hoping that all you Phandroids can report back and let us know how the Code Day went, what you learned, who you met, where you’re from, what you’re hoping for… we pretty much want to hear about your Android Code Day experience.

If we can get our hands on any keynote speeches, presentations, development sessions or any of the other useful happenings at Android Code Day we’ll publish them ASAP. And if you’ve got any… pictures, videos, etc of the event send them our way!

Cheers to the folks going able to make Android Code Day – good luck and have a safe trip!

Rob Jackson
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  1. So, expanding on my original comments ( ) on Android Code Day…

    I posted more content on some of the terms that Google’s brought in regard to Android’s SDK and their explanations of them, posted on . I’ll try to add more content and I’ll be glad to field whatever questions I can somewhere on this site (even this thread) or over on BecauseRobots.


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