HTC To Release 3+ Android Phones in 2008


We’ve been told that HTC will attempt to be an early android enabled phone “pioneer” by releasing one of the very first android enabled phones for mass consumption. Now, it’s looking more like they want to dominate the the early goings as they have stated at HTC will release at least 3 Android enabled phones in 2008.

Although exact dates weren’t listed, this is exciting news for Android enthusiasts. HTC is a growing company that currently has about 50% of the share for smartphones running Windows Mobile – they are clearly able to get the job done. In 2007, they sold 2 million units of their hugely popular HTC Touch. If Android is as successful as some predict, the first few HTC Android Phones could blow the impressive Touch numbers away.

One thing is for sure: HTC’s commitment to developing Android phones will boost the entire market. Competitors won’t want to give HTC a huge head start on Android and will likely step up their planning and production efforts.

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  1. This is great news! I just hope they throw in the signatures and all so Verizon can get their hands on it. As long as they touch nothing but the CDMA part I will be happy. Currently their firmware is completely pathetic and removes most of the usability out of it (a file browser PLEASE!). I believe that Android’s usability, open system, and flexibility will give Verizon their dignity back for denying us the iPhone earlier.

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