Feb 4th, 2008

To accommodate growing interest and a new version of the Developer KIt that will fix some of the flaws and shortcomings of ther first version, Google is pushing back the first deadline for their Developer challenge to April 14th, 2008.

There are mixed feelings about this depending on the boat you’re in:

  • People who have been working hard using the flawed Developer’s Kit now have to face stiffer competition from more people who have a better SDK to use.
  • Great for programmers who wanted to enter but were scared away by the shortcomings of the first Developer’s kit.
  • Great for consumers, who will now have more applications to choose from when Android launches.

Does this also push back the release of the world’s first android enabled phone for consumer purchase? We’ll wait patiently if it means a better OS upon release… because how the first one is viewed will largely impact how high Android can fly.