Vote: What Apps Do You Want for Android?


With Android, developer’s will have the opportunity and ability to create nearly anything they can think for consumer’s. So let’s hear it (developer’s listen up): What are some of the first apps YOU would want to see on Android?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Remote Desktop

  2. Anything that’s not a shitty slow ugly java app

  3. Skype, GTalk, Blogger editor, Picasa uploader, WiFi and WiMAX support.

  4. 1. QuickTime
    2. Flash
    3. iTunes
    4. Firefox
    5. Acrobat

  5. A calendar application that syncs with Google Calendar (ICAL).
    A synchronization possibility for phone contacts and Goole Mail contacts.

    Those are two features I would really like to see.

  6. just interested in Android.

  7. To make android a new standard OS, many programs would be needed.
    PLZ have a look at and read till the end:

    – GPS navigation / route-planer for car/motorcycle (google maps could be a clue to keep the latest maps available, but without the need of an internet connection == download from pc for cheap price or even freeware)
    – The homescreen wil have to be fully modular (easy), so one can easely decide how many shedules will be shown and its form (list,agenda,week…) Position,Size,Color of each element should be free.
    – no limitation of ringtones-format (midi,mp3,wav…) and caller images (even animated gifs,movs,…)
    – file explorer that even works over bluetooth (can explore other device if allowed)
    – A GOOD BACKUP TOOL, that really backups everything and allows even partly recontruction. (from storage-card or cp)
    – a good speech recognition (wihtout learning) not only for dailing but also for SMS or mail (e.g. together with the T9 dictionaries for spellchecking)
    – a text 2 speech engine that can read incomming SMS (together with speech recognition to start applications), so during driving the car, there’s no more need to put hands away from steeringwheel!!!!
    – a handwriting recognition tool
    – tool to switch bluetooth on/off (or other phone-setting) depending on the mobilde-phone-cell (e.g. at a cell-id or if phone is “moving”)
    – a good agenda, that offers views (e.g. as angenda one) and allows text templates for new sheduls
    – an onboard answering machine for missing calls, that allows different text for differetnt callers

  8. A way to run Win32 programs, maybe similar to Wine for Linux.

  9. Weather screen with radar overlay of where you are, in addition to the Forecast screen by day based upon where your calendar says you will be. IE if it says you have a meeting at an address in New York on Wednesday but you live in KC, you will want the forecast for new york on that day but the other days that week you want back home where you live.

    Google maps with built in GPS and “directions etc” for navigational purposes.
    Nice Facebook app, maybe a social networks manager or home.
    Support for the new Skyfire browser from (Windows mobile devices) unless you can do better
    Definitely need to have Threaded SMS with MMS capability embedded in the Thread.
    Visual Voicemail is a must, as well as options to a unified VM if you have multiple numbers.

  10. citizen reporter

    in light of all the citizen reporting going on i would like to see an app where it utilizes the cam/video as a webcam that stores the data to an online location. both audio and video. with a permanant date/time stamp tagged on.

    this would then lend itself to p2p video/audio conferencing where citizen reporter is recording and friend could then watch live and communicate.

    i consider this important simply because what we see on the news isnt always what is really going on. if it came down to people chiming in, this app could enable that simply and easily… provided your programmers can execute what ive described in a clean and succinct manner.

    **note to programmers: think of yourself as jimmy olsen trying to become a star reporter like clark kent. how easy should it be to grab the device soft key an app and be ready in 3…2…_….

    if you can bring this into development i would like to know about it.

  11. The ability to synchronize a calendar application with google calendar.

  12. I want a full port of Open Office and the GIMP for the Android. And the mac. Ahem.

  13. An address book that can sync with ANY decent address book app on ANY OS in ANY open format. That would be a good start!

    (At the moment my phone tries to dictate to me what OS and Application to use)

  14. Full Bluetooth capabilities and a Manager to go along with it. Very useful and would mean that I could finally send something more then a measly picture from one specific model to the same specific model (verizon krzr’s). Would be very useful.

  15. I want a phone book that doesn’t just contain my contacts, but opens white pages for the nation and lets me search for every line and cell phone in the country.

  16. I would really like a scientific calculator on my phone. I mean graphing capabilities would be great but not necessarily require. just something that can do trig function and can hold large numbers.

  17. I would like to see support for XForms in the WebKit browser so that a cell phone based on the Android platform could potentially be used for data collection applications.

  18. Multi-user Customizable Database that can each person can sync at the end of day.

  19. I want my phone to perfect voice to text technology, and not just in texting, or voice dialing, over the whole phone’s interface. I want to be able to say “google” and have my phone open a browser and navigate to Navigation through the phone’s interface should be able to be controlled through voice, touch, buttons, and motion. You should have all these options for controlling the device. Other than that, I think a nice, (good quality) sound recording app would be awesome. Most current phones have this abliity, but the resulting sound is such low quality, that it cannot be used for much. Being able to record a clip of a song and setting it to your ringtone, or sending it to a friend, should be a easy process, and should not sound like it was recorded over a 2-way radio. Voice notes should be easier as well, as with current phones, they are not of much use, when you have to spend a while navigating to the menu option, make sure there is no background noise, position the microphone, etc. This should just be a much easier thing to do.

  20. I’ve been a smartphone user for 5 years, and have made a lot of money investing in the industry. Here is my list of must-have applications:

    EverNote ( – they have a Windows Mobile version)
    Handwriting/pen note-taking app with PC counterpart
    Voice recorder (like mVoice
    Palm O/S emulator
    Full outlook sync for Calendar/Notes/Contacts
    International calling card app (automatically dials calling card # and password prior to dialing the contact #)
    Guitar tuner (like PhonTuner

  21. Hi

    My idéa is that when you take a photo by your camera in the phone, the phone automaticallysaves via gps were the photo was shot. And when ever the owner of the phone, would like to see where his old familiy photo was taken, a map would show up and tell him.

  22. I want an app that will work with MS Exchange using the ActiveSync protocol.

    I want a full featured web browser that operates the same as on a desktop.

    I want to be able to open any type of multimedia (mp3, divx, wma, wmv, quicktime, real player, etc.) file.

    I want IM.

  23. If my family member calls me, I can see his location on map. Because Google already have map of the earth.
    This should not be difficult to implement. But it is very useful for familay to know where they childrens are or their elder parents are.

  24. I would like to see a libpurple Internet Messaging client to be made for Android. It would be really good to see a multi-protocol IM client for Android. MSN+GoogleTalk+IRC+YIM+AIM++++etc

    I imagine that there is already a music player, image viewer and video player either in development by Google, or by some other developers. —- With wifi-enabled Androids there could be iPod Touch-ing to be done.

    A Terminal application. It’s not Linux without a Terminal.

  25. If the Android phone could connect with mac applications and sync like an iphone. Mainly iCal, iTunes, iPhoto.
    Divx and mp4 video compatibility, flash viewer on the web browser. Be great.

  26. Diagnostic and Remote Access Tools for Service Techs

  27. nmap :)

    GCalendar, Gmail, Gfinance-stock updates hourly,

    GMAPS-as many already said! very important! likely with location specific search/ads (‘Pizza” etc)

    Always on IM to all channels (

  28. main functions i use on my iphone i’d love on the android straight off,

    phone people (obviously)
    text messaging (of course)
    pdf viewer
    browser (firefox mini?)
    video/media player (vlc mini?)

  29. Hardware:
    Status LED’s, great audio, scroll wheel, BT/WiFi on/off switch, QWERTY keyboard with big buttons (like the Q9), standard power adapters (mini USB)

    KeyCaps(hold letter button down=caps, double tap=optional character)
    be able to record phone conversations
    Bluetooth file transfer and BT stereo
    weather at a glance
    good agenda, like datebook5, has lots of options to schedule events, like irregular occurring appointments (I work q six days and no WM agenda will do this) Weird, I know.
    Splashmoney: it syncs to my bank perfectly

  30. E-Mail
    aim+msn messenger+icq+yahoo messenger
    rss reader
    Apache? with MySQL?

  31. a phone that has the ability to use satelite radio would be sweet as long as you can preform other tasks while using it and it doesnt bog them down horribly also itunes would be a nice complement to XM. having a phone that could use both would be kick-@$$

  32. All of the above

    FM and statelite radio receivers
    Near Field device to interface with technology such as MasterCard PayPass
    “Left it or Lost It” alarm..near field interface with key fob, for example, that would alarm when cellphone and key fob lose connection
    Car door unlocker..for example KEI an application developed by MIT student for Google Android challenge
    Auto Software selection of WIFI channel to complete phone call user controlled ..e.g., auto Skype if possible
    Media device remote controller…
    Dog collar communication device
    Panic button
    Laser pointer
    radar speed trap detector
    bar code reader
    music played through loudspeaker if selected

  33. A distance finder….

  34. Most of the applications i would like have already been referred to by other participants, however i would really like a chess playing program with the ability to play and watch games on the Free Internet Chess server.

  35. I need a program similar to isilo, boring but necessary for me to be able to access data that i need on the go

  36. 1. Money App to Sync with online accounts
    2. Call block/filter built in
    3. A “Great” media player to watch movies and youtube

  37. A program that has the ability to easily load videos from your phone directly to youtube, facebook, or myspace and etc.

  38. Call filtering/blocking

  39. i would like a Remote Control (like the Novii), also, use the VGA Cam for video calls, to create a Face Recognition software, that can be used to follow your face, for the phone can know where r u looking, and create a Virtual Room, inside the phone, like in the video of head tracking ( ) but using a cam, not a IR LED, that could be the best of all.

  40. everything the iphone has so can avoid the temptation to pay ATT to much money

  41. GPS Navigation on par with today’s Garmin devices

  42. Music player including an equalizer

  43. Ability to watch movies from a service like Netflix.

  44. Skoach port
    Stereo or multitrack audio recorder
    MIDI sequencer
    Instrument tuner
    Photo manager
    IIRC Palm had a MIDI sequencer early on, and iPhone has some rather cool music apps.

  45. Android should – for sure – encorporate the glasses into their software.

  46. I would like to see apps that work for EVERYONE. Meaning not just sync with Gmail, but also Yahoo Mail, MSN/Hotmail. Just because it’s a “Google” Mobile OS, doesn’t mean it should be focused on Google.

  47. Wimax

  48. PDF and document readers


  50. An address book and calender that can import and export to Open Standard formats – and Open Standard syncing to go with that!

  51. SKYPE for Sure, WIFI,3g, edge
    SyncML based contacts, notes, calendar back up and RESTORE
    Access to Microsoft exchange account, support for active sync
    Over the air device management
    rss reader
    wap and html browser in one application
    Automated photo transfer to blogger
    decent musicplayer and 3,5 jack for earphones
    music recognition application like in Sony Ericsson W phones
    access to decent on-line music store
    memory card slot

  52. A program that utilizes those badass glasses from

  53. I’d like to be able to send a text even when I don’t have a signal. It should just go into the outbox and get sent at the next available time…

    Not really an ‘app’ I know but I was on the tubes yesterday I thought it would be useful…

  54. A great UI!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. It would be nice to have:
    >Video player (not just one format… something like media player classic)
    >Music program (Winamp style)
    >Easy hookup to computer so that you can easily transfer files
    >drawing program for touch phones (kind of like opencanvas)
    >PDF reader

  56. VOIP !! Vonage, skype, whatever.

    But I want convergence too. I want it to be smart enough that when I’m at home it receives a call using VOIP over my wifi router, and when I leave the house I want it to ring using the cellphone network.

  57. Mozilla Firefox
    bash (including all std shell apps like nano, ssh, ping, locate, nmap, traceroute, kismet etc)
    usb block access
    ocr/icr tool
    voice recorder with ogg support

  58. Video chat, voice recogniton texting, an application that keeps the people you call, text, and e-mail the most in order from most called, text, and e-mailed to least called, texted and e-mailed.

  59. Text to Speech API

    Plus in the OS a configuration app to :
    give the possibility to download (and keep several) ‘languages’ (even for a few $) and change current language.

    Of course for real hardware AND emulator/SDK :-)

  60. Well, I have been using Palms for ten years…and use quite a few applications daily so I would at least like the following to be available before I jump:

    – Calendar – with alarms and repeating events…AND synchable with desktop…and EASY to use…as in one or two clicks to enter an appt, like the current palm..and NOT like the iPhone

    – Contact list – with numerous fields, notes, a picture…and sophisticated find function (e.g., start typing and start matching based on first name, last name, company, or title…like TakePhone)…AND synchable

    – Calculator – with scientific option and (fingers crossed) potential RPN mode

    – Camera app with decent photo album

    – Ability to open AND edit MS Word, MS Excel, Text, RTF (and potentially Open Office writer/scalc)

    – Ability to display MS PPT and PDFs (and potentially Open Office impress)

    – EBook reader! – I don’t care about DRM…just give me a decent reader with bookmarks. I have read hundreds of books on my Treo and my wife loves the fact that I don’t need to leave a light on.

    – Email program – supporting POP and IMAP…and attachments. I don’t really care about push mail since I have my own domain and am not likely to switch to gmail.

    – Google maps

    – A decent video player…like Kinoma and/or TCPMP

    – A decent MP3 player that also provides access to streaming internet radio…like pTunes. I tend to listen to streaming radio more than MP3s. BTW, I don’t care about DRM here either.

    – A text-based memo app…that is synchable

    – A synchable “to do” list app…with due dates and priorities

    – Multi-threaded MMS

    – A decent browser that can handle JS and DHTML and can render a page fairly quickly. Flash would be a plus.

    – A KILLER phone app. I won’t even begin to list what I want here, but start with the power of TakePhone and add the UI mastery of UltimatePhone and you are there

    – MP3 ringtones…assignable to specific callers…and unknown callers…and a setting to send unknown callers right to VM

    – Decent security and backup to SD with encryption…and a remote lock and/or wipe capability

    – Voice memos

    – Sodoku :-)

    – Multi-city weather app (to save me from browsing)

    – Clock with multiple alarms

    – Global find (across apps…biased toward the current app and with the ability to exclude apps)

    – Global cut and paste

    …and that is just a start…and before you say that I am asking for the world, I have all of this and more on my dated Treo 700p. I also want apps that have a usability focus and not just sexiness. I don’t care if widgets spin and dance, but I certainly better be able to delete more than one email message at once.


  61. – Making Voip calls over WiFi/3G

    – GPS navigation with downloadable google maps.

    – Live tracking using either or both GPS and cell tower information

    – Something similar to Windows Xp task manager. You shud eb able to see ALL running executables and the memory/CPU it is taking, and the ability to terminate applications.

    – syncing with all google applications like docs, calendars, reader etc

    – rss feeds like desktop ticker, without opening applications.

  62. How about a carrier that is open and unrestrictive with plans that are priced reasonably? I am sick of shitty service, spotty coverage and no recourse.
    …not to mention my favorite phones being locked to some other carrier and costing $500

  63. Absolutely, positively need to have and advanced Scientific graphing calculator, similiar to the ti89 emulators. also some free version software similar to matlab or mathematica. I know a hundred engineers who have been begging for this.

  64. i want inter connectivity between apps…If i add an appointment with someone in the calendar, I want the person to be automatically linked with his number and if possible, his google calendar.

    If I add a person’s b’day in my Address book, I want it to show up on my calendar automatically. If a number comes as a SMS, I want the phone to recognize it as a phone number and make it dialable and/or give me the option to add it to my address book.

    In apps, some of the current winners of Google apps challenge look very promising. Voice to speech would be great to have but something that works not just marketed to work

  65. The one application that I really want more than anything is a call blocking application.

  66. nothing fancy

    1. native task list app (no need to go to web), syncable online somehow, maybe to remember the millk
    2. native contact list app, syncable w/ my gmail
    3. email client w/ push
    4. MMS to send pics
    5. GPS with turn by turn
    6. ereader
    7. Bible app

  67. oh forgot these things

    8. voice dialing via bluetooth headset
    9. native calendar app that syncs to gcal
    10. chess game

    I think many of these are included, but this list is all I need!

  68. I want a navigation system and not just google maps. I want a lady telling me when to make turns and stuff like that.

  69. PDANET. give us free tethering. We have a device with internet, we should not be charged 60 bucks more to tether or get a cell card.

    Do no evil. Charge everyone twice.

  70. Testing Application (to study for certs and school exams)
    Food tracker (Weight Watchers)
    Football Play Calling application (for the coach on my losing team Grrrrr)
    Gas Mileage tracker using GPS (& for tax man)
    Google Money (synced with a budget)
    GTD Application
    Google Family
    Play Flash Games on

  71. Remote control for electronics devices (TV, DVD, DVR, Stereo, Laptop, etc.)

  72. actually we do not charge for connect it and using it as a modem . 19.99 is all you pay. :)

  73. Call blocking, call filtering. just like the Call Blocker for Pocket PC, awesome looking program.

  74. An app that will allow me to create an internet sharing connection, and be able to use my laptop with internet using my phone as a modem.

  75. i would like 2 see a BeatMaker app like on the iphone. it is a killer app, especially for those who make beats, but are on the go. it would be a nice feature if u could transfer your files from ur fone to the coputer for further editing…i dont think the iphone app is able to, but it would be nice if we could accomplish this for the android app.

    hope 2 see this app!

  76. I would like to see (no particular order)

    Video recording / streaming / Video Out via mini usb adaptor to hdmi or ?
    Screen orientation / Step counter / G force measurer for use in car / inclimeter (using accelerometer)
    Turn by Turn Navigation with traffic avoidance.
    Call Recording (with and without beep)
    Ability to view flash websites like skyfire does
    Divx player
    Bluetooth keyboard / other bluetooth profiles
    Internet sharing ie: 3G->Wifi or 3G -> MiniUSB etc.
    the ability to use the mini usb port as a usb port ie usb flash and hdd support or wireless usb (dreaming)
    touchscreen keyboard for when you don’t have the time or will to open the phone.
    Call filter.
    WIDSETS (all you nokia fans know this one :) )
    Multiplayer games (quake :) )
    3d or 2d cad (ok I know it sounds odd but it is helpful for inventors like me)
    A lite version of open office :) (although I think google docs will suffice)

    Ditto area (things mention above that I would like also)
    Gas Mileage tracker using GPS (& for tax man)
    Remote control for electronics devices (TV, DVD, DVR, Stereo, Laptop, etc.)
    graphing calculator / ti89 emulator

  77. PDF Reader – how can you say you have the web, if you don’t have a PDF reader?
    Play MP3’s thorugh the Bluetooth.

    Really thought these would be included….

  78. PDF .. how can you create something so advanced with it lacking something so basic.??. Well glad do you didn’t forget bluetooth. PLEASE FIX ASAP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


  79. KEI. Can anyone tell me more information about getting this app? Its used to lock/unlock your car doors and start the engine through bluetooth.

    This is amazing.

  80. MIDI seqencing

    Usb multitrack recording


  81. Only one thing to have a freakin flashplayer should of come stock with the phone
    To begin with what the hell googl

  82. We want a budgeting app that can track multiple budgets, and here’s the hard part, it would be really nice to have it on the PC as well, and both should sync.

  83. Flash Player
    any WMV Player

  84. – pdf reader, fair dinkum how the heck is this not available??

    – word/excel viewer and editor

    – file synching with your desktop

    – bandwidth usage monitoring tool (especially 3G, but wireless would also be useful)

    – media output on bluetooth

    – flash

    – java runtime (am I dreaming with this one?)

  85. I want my phone to perfect voice to text technology, and not just in texting, or voice dialing, over the whole phone’s interface. I want to be able to say “google” and have my phone open a browser and navigate to Navigation through the phone’s interface should be able to be controlled through voice, touch, buttons, and motion. Of course, in the same line, I would like to be able to dictate SMSs, Emails, and notes.

  86. Adhoc mode for the wireless capability. If everyone had a phone with adhoc mode everyone could have access to data from web.

  87. PDF support in browser, PDF support in browser, and PDF support in browser.

  88. Call filter software – Like whitelist & blacklist. -to divert unrecognised numbers to a different number (i/e/ reception) and only allow calls through that are in the phonebook.

    There’s apps that do this on nearly every phone apart from Android !

  89. Python interpreter
    C/C++ compiler

  90. some player that’s can play divx videos, will be good, and making the BT working to transfers files is also very good.
    This is the most required things on android, like the sync contacts with outlook. Some mini open office is also required.

  91. A clone of the TI83 graphing calculator for the MyTouch 3G. These still cost $100 @ Walmart. iPhone has an app for $0.99.

  92. vga video mode widescreen please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. A simple app that:

    Sync’s iCal & Address book
    (directly with any android phones contacts & calendar)

    Not interested in using Entourage, google, outlook express….etc…
    Just the same system that the iphone uses with a mac but not on an iphone.
    Please help….
    So many people use this system

  94. I’m with 96. I want Verizon’s new Droid. I want to directly sync my iCal and Address Book on my Mac with the Droid. Not with Google calendar or contacts – way too many problems trying that.

  95. Emulators for the HP voyager RPN calc range – HP-12C, HP-15C etc.

    iPhone has multiple versions of these available. As yet, none for android.

  96. I need a simple way to record a voice message and have it sent to my email box. Note2Self has a great application for iPhone and blackberry. The solutions I have seen so far require too many key strokes. If you are driving or doing pretty much anything else you have to stop and look at the phone. The app should be press the soft button on the menu, the recording software starts when done press send. the app closes and the voice message is sent to your email.

  97. MP3 voice recorder

  98. Wireless database viewer Plus.
    I use it in my balckberry and i wish it to be on my android phone too

  99. viper app for car remote start

  100. key fob app with an unlock, lock, and panic button for newer model cars of all major makes and models

  101. I wish someone would create a weight watcher’s app for android.

  102. oh my…who would have known? that those requests and wishlists above that were previously written a couple of years ago more or less are now reality…android is the leading mobile os and is getting ready for the full pc experience…kudos, android!

  103. TI-83 Graphing calculator would be great. Also, a GIMP app would be amazing because I use it for all of my graphic design editing. Having it on the go would just make my work easier.

  104. App that blocks calls, messages..etc from certain contacts or numbers.(All apps being compatible with Mytouch 4G that is)

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