• ZTE Fury
    Last Updated: Apr 4th,2012

    The ZTE Fury is an affordable device released for the Sprint network. While it is not the most exciting device, it will take care of those in need of a smartphone without emptying the wallet.

    Its specs include a 1 GHz single-core processor, Android 2.3 and everything else one would expect from a typical Android smartphone. As mentioned, it will not blow your mind away, but its specs and build-quality are very good considering the price. And it should get the job done for most tasks.

  • News & Updates

    Updates ready for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S2 Epich 4G Touch and ZTE Fury

    Sprint has a couple of minor updates ready to roll for two members of their handset lineup. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G is receiving a maintenance update to software version S:D710:10S:F127, which fixes some issues with VPN and MMS over 3G as well as adds the ability to edit the Email apps’ out […]

    ZTE Fury Review

    While most Android diehards would scoff at a device like the ZTE Fury, the Sprint handset offers proof that a quality Android experience can be delivered alongside affordable pricing. Launching for only $20 on contract, the Fury could be mistaken for something (slightly) pricier. A surprisingly good 5MP camera, snappy Qualcomm CPU, and Sprint ID […]

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    Official: ZTE Fury Launching on Sprint March 11th for $20

    The ZTE Fury was rumored to be headed for Sprint on March 11th last night, and Sprint didn’t wait too long to confirm that news. They’ve issued a press release letting us all know that it’d be sitting on store shelves March 11th. It’ll cost you $20 for the privilege of owning one. It’s an […]