T-Mobile MyTouch Slide

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T-Mobile MyTouch Slide Videos

Wirefly video review!
The guys at Wirefly give us a 13 minute video review of the MyTouch 3G slide. Enjoy!
Youtubes 'Videoeyeful': Hands on
Youtube user 'Videoeyeful' records their hands on experience with the MyTouch Slide
Youtubes 'Untouchable4rc': hands on
Youtube user 'Untouchable4rc' shares with us his experience with the Mytouch Slide on video!
MyTouch Slide demonstration
Andrew Sherrard, VP of Product Development at T-Mobile, demonstrates the myTouch 3G Slide
MyTouch Slide Video Review - 13 Minutes Of In-Depth Analysis
Wirefly reviews the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide (T-Mobile), obvious successor to the myTouch 3G complete with a full slide-out QWERTY.