• T-Mobile myTouch 4G
    Last Updated: Dec 5th,2010

    The T-Mobile myTouch 4G was the second phone in T-Mobile's lineup to take advantage of their new 4G network. This latest addition to the myTouch family has a 3.8 inch touchscreen, 1 Ghz processor, and comes with Android 2.2.

    Perhaps the most unique thing about this phone is that it's the first phone on T-Mobile USA that is sporting a front facing camera for video chat. The video chat services are provided by a special version of Qik that is built solely for the mytouch 4G.

    The mytouch 4G was released on November 3, 2010.

  • News & Updates

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    To all those who have been ribbing me for still using the MyTouch 4G, I’ve finally upgraded

    Right from my first day at Phandroid, till last week there’s always been some good natured banter in the comments regarding me still using the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G. Despite your kind requests, Rob chose not to get a new device for me so I ended up having to act on my own: I bought myself […]

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    HTCDev Unlocks The Bootloaders For A Couple Of Oldies But Goodies – Hero, Legend, Eris, Mytouch 3G & 4G Make The Cut

    A few Android senior citizens have found themselves wander onto HTCDev’s list of officially supported devices. The HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, MyTouch 3G and MyTouch 4G are the oldest, er– newest devices ripe for the unlocking using HTC’s handy dandy bootloader unlocking tool. Nice to see HTC throw a couple of oldies in there […]

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    Deal: T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Free Through Thursday

    Here’s yet another offer from T-Mobile for their MyTouch 4G. Like they’ve done at least twice in the past (I’ve lost count), they are giving users a chance to get it for free after signing a new two-year agreement. The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G eventually lost its luster when it comes to sheer power, but the […]

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    T-Mobile G2 and MyTouch 4G In-Store Gingerbread Updates Begin August 6th

    If you haven’t been able to pull down the Gingerbread update for your T-Mobile G2 and MyTouch 4G, T-Mobile’s not going to leave you waiting in the dark. Nope, instead they’ll soon be allowing you to get your updates over-the-wire in-store. It’s a bit of an inconvenience, sure, but if you’ve gotten sick of all […]

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    T-Mobile Offering In-Store Gingerbread Update for myTouch 4G Starting August 5

    Last week T-Mobile announce the beginning of the slow roll out of Gingerbread for the myTouch 4G. HTC celebrated with cookies, while owners of the handset tried their best to patiently wait their turn. But T-Mobile is attempting a new update strategy for those who just don’t have it in them to wait it out. […]

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    HTC Providing T-Mobile Stores With SD Cards To Update Handsets

    This is different. TMo News came across this internal memo from T-Mobile informing stores that they will begin receiving SD cards from HTC for use when updating customers’ devices. Apparently, some customers will receive a text message to come into a T-Mobile location where a sales rep will update their device to the latest software […]

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    HTC Sending Out Gingerbread Cookies in Honor of myTouch 4G Android 2.3 Update

    The Android 2.3 update is set to roll out to myTouch 4G users within the next few weeks (some are receiving it now), but those folks aren’t the only people getting a Gingerbread treat from HTC. And when I say Gingerbread treat, I mean an actual gingerbread treat — gingerbread cookies shaped as everyone’s favorite Android […]

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    MyTouch 4G Gingerbread Update Rolling Out “In the Coming Weeks”, Will Continue Throughout the End of the Year

    The folks at T-Mobile have sent a Gingerbread update for the MyTouch 4G slide out to a group of “pilot” users today, meaning it’s officially here… sort of. This group of users is very small and a broader rollout won’t begin right away as T-Mobile expects to roll it out to others “in the coming […]

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    T-Mobile Mytouch 4G Gingerbread Update To Begin Rolling Out Tomorrow

    I have some great news for Mytouch 4G owners! According to T-Mobile’s official support forums, we finally have a launch date for the Mytouch 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA update. Apparently, T-Mobile will be holding a test pilot program for the update (to make sure there are no major bugs) starting tomorrow, July 20th. Soon […]

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    Hulu Plus Comes to Four New Android Phones

    Netflix’s recent plan changes have you bummed? The folks at Hulu, instead of increasing prices, are adding devices. Yes, that rhyme was awesome. Today, four new Android devices were added to the stable of Hulu Plus-capable players. These include the HTC EVO 4G, the T-Mobile G2, The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G and the HTC Thunderbolt. All […]