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T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Overview

While Americans enjoyed having the first ever Android Phone - the T-Mobile G1 - launch on their shores, Round 2 has began!. After watching the rest of the world enjoy the full touchscreen HTC Magic for months, T-Mobile USA reincarnated the phone as the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G in June 2009.

The MyTouch 3G has extra color options in the USA compared to Europe: in addition to White  it will also be available in Black & Merlot. While there are now a variety of choose from the specs on the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G still mirror those of the HTC Magic elsewhere. T-mobile put alot of effort into the MyTouch,  launching a large variety of attractive accessories with it. The announcement itself looked pretty snazzy too

The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is a slim and sexy device that takes the G1 concept and beautifies it with curves and slenderness, replacing the hardware keyboard with a software keyboard. Whether you are the type of person who NEEDS a hardware keyboard or you're an all-touchscreen fanatic, T-Mobile USA will be able to cater to your Android loving needs on both sides of the keyboard fence!

You can grab the MyTouch 3G right now, they've even updated the handset to include a 3.5mm audio jack, have keyboard input Swype pre-installed , given a small RAM boost and comes with an 8GB memory card. Head over to T-mobile!