• Sprint Express
    Last Updated: Nov 10th,2011

    The Sprint Express is a budget-friendly Android 2.3 smartphone with a portrait QWERTY form factor. Reminiscent of BlackBerry devices as well as the Motorola XPRT (another Sprint handset), the Express sports a QWERTY keyboard positioned below its 2.6-inch display. A 600MHz CPU is embedded within and a 3.2MP camera can be found on the rear.

    Unlike other phones of a similar form factor, the Express isn't expected to be a phone aimed towards business users. It is perfect, however, for smartphone users seeking a familiar layout at a bargain price.

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    Express From Sprint Announced as an Entry Level Candybar Exposed QWERTY, Available Today for $20

    Sprint has announced a new Android phone called the Express. It’s an Android 2.3 device that has a 2.6 inch touchscreen but also has a portrait exposed QWERTY backlit keyboard beneath that. Call end and send buttons, buttons for home, menu, back and search all grace the front of the device. There also seems to […]

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    Sprint Express Coming Nov. 18, Android 2.3 Smartphone for $19.99

    The BlackBerry-style portrait QWERTY design has become a popular option for mid to high-end Android handsets aimed at the business user, but Sprint is set to bring the form factor in at a much more affordable level. Unlike their more refined Motorola XPRT, the Sprint Express will be a low-end Android 2.3 device featuring a […]