• Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Last Updated: Mar 9th,2011

    The Samsung Galaxy Ace is an Internation/European Android phone with a 3.5-inch screen and 800MHz processor. Samsung describes it as minimal yet sophisticated and we'd have to agree. While the specs aren't top notch, the Galaxy Ace still comes with a 5MP camera and all the typical app, game, and multimedia goodness you'd typically get from an Android Phone.

    The Samsung Galaxy Ace offers mid-range power in a compact package, making it great for the typical smartphone customer who prefers simplicity over high-tech.

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    Samsung to Launch Android 2.3 for Most of Its Galaxy S Phones, But Which Ones?

    This piece of news has been floating around since this morning and I’ve been spending time trying to figure out more details. Long story short? Samsung has committed to delivering Android 2.3 to “most” of their Galaxy phones, including phones from the high-end Galaxy S series down to the budget offerings such as the Galaxy […]

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    Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [April 22nd]

    Another week in the books, but the Android news won’t sleep. Anyone doing anything interesting for the holiday weekend? Whether you are spending time with family, dying eggs, or just catching up on your sleep, her is some extra news for the weekend. The folks at Google are firing their Android for Good campaign back […]

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    T-Mobile UK Getting HTC Desire S, Motorola Atrix, Xperia Play, and Samsung Galaxy Ace

    T-Mobile UK’s stocking up on Android devices pretty soon as a new crop of devices have just been announced. (And most of them are high-end mouth-watering pieces of technology.) In March, the Samsung Galaxy Ace – one of several new mid-range Android handsets from Samsung – will launch. In April, they will introduce both the […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Mini, Fit, Gio, Ace: Hands-On at MWC

    Samsung unveiled four entry-level Android handsets last month – the Mini, Fit, Gio and Ace – and we got our grubby hands on them for the first time (as expected) at Mobile World Congress. None of these devices will blow you away but they’re the type of offering I’d suggest to a first time smartphone […]

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    Official: Samsung Announces the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio, and Galaxy mini

    With Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away, Samsung just couldn’t be bothered to wait to reveal their new lineup of Galaxy phones. They should be mostly familiar from leaks in the recent weeks, but here we have officially for the first time the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio, and […]

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    Samsung Indonesia Site Outs the Ace (S5830) Ahead of MWC Unveiling

    The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 — one of several phones suggested as the Galaxy S Mini — has already seen several leaked images and a lengthy detailing of specs, so its appearance on Samsung’s Indonesian website, though premature, shouldn’t surprise anyone. The listing not only provides good quality renders of the handset but also confirms […]

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    Another Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Shot Reaches the ‘Nets

    While most — if not all — the information we could learn about the Samsung S5830 before MWC in Barcelona was revealed yesterday, the phone that will be called the Ace or Cooper depending on where you buy it has yet again been captured on camera. The shot doesn’t do anything to tell us more […]

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    Official Shots of the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and Galaxy Suit S5670 Leak

    Samsung is gearing up for a huge showing at Mobile World Congress as new handsets continue to leak like a dripping faucet. A few official renders have made their way to the internet along with an official name for a handset we saw for the first time last week. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be […]