Samsung Continuum

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Samsung Continuum Overview

The Samsung Continuum is an incredibly unique Galaxy S phone, unlike any other smartphone you've seen. The screen is actually split up into 2 sections: a 3.4-inch touchscreen on top a 1.8-inch ticker screen just below it. Samsung has customized the Android Operating System to show interesting and relevant information in this ticker area, giving it a very quirky opportunity for Continuum users.

The ticker has several benefits, including the ability to show users updates for text messages, calls, Facebook updates and more, without having to power up the entire screen. Not only could this save on battery life, it also gives users a more discreet way of checking in on status notifications.

In addition to its unique design and functionality, the Continuum comes with a 5MP camera, 2GB of storage and is powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor.