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Pro Mode: Galaxy S6 gives full manual controls for camera enthusiasts [VIDEO]

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung felt a more simple, streamlined camera experience was in order. Simple and streamlined do not mean lacking in capability, however, and Samsung has done us the favor of including a Pro mode for those that wish to have more manual control over shooting parameters.

Take a look at the entire Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge user manuals ahead of launch day

We take user manuals for granted these days. Most devices come with small tutorials to show you the basics, and then leave you off to explore your new toy with glee. But since you can’t quite do that with the Samsung Galaxy S6 yet, this user manual might be of great interest.

HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 retail prices leaked in contest rules

Samsung, HTC and the carriers likely won’t be ready to announce pricing details for their latest smartphones until they’re nearly ready to be sold, but a couple of early contests have given us an idea of their suggested retail costs ahead of time.

Apple and LG tie for best smartphone of 2014 award, Moto 360 takes wearables

Every year at Mobile World Congress, the GSMA — the folks behind the event — vote on the best technology, software and ideas in mobile. This year’s winners might have seemed obvious, but there were a couple of “gotchas” that caused us to take notice.

LG planning to launch a device on a tier higher than the LG G4

We expected the LG G4 to be the cream of LG’s crop whenever they decide to reveal it later this year, but new reports suggest that won’t be the case this time around.

OnePlus expands sale of the OnePlus One to all EU countries

To now, the OnePlus One wasn’t available for everyone in the European Union. As easy as it may be to import one from the UK, Germany or other big countries, there’s nothing like dodging the headache and inflated price tags that tend to come with that process. Thankfully, OnePlus is putting an end to the need to do that.

This is what it’s like to unbox the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge [VIDEO]

If you don’t want your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing experienced ruined once it arrives on your doorstep this Spring, do not watch this video. But who are we kidding — you probably can’t help yourself! Neither could Samsung.

Samsung has 22 digital gifts for Samsung Galaxy S6 buyers

When (or if) you buy the Samsung Galaxy S6, you’ll surely be entitled to free gifts. Digital gifts, mind you, but gifts nonetheless. They’ll come in the form of premium in-app offers and subscriptions from a variety of different services.

Verizon’s HTC One M8 starts receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade

Verizon’s HTC One M8 has been late to the Lollipop party, but as we always say it’s better late than never. The upgrade is now rolling out to users, Verizon has announced.

YotaPhone 2 is happening this Spring

If you were one of the many who thought the dual-display YotaPhone was cool, you’ll be happy to know that a sequel is, indeed, on the way. The company reportedly confirmed plans to bring a YotaPhone 2 to market starting this Spring in the United States.

Alcatel’s Hero 2+ phablet is the latest phone to launch with Cyanogen OS

Alcatel might not be the most exciting name in all the mobile lands, but their latest phone gives us reason to pay attention. It’s the Hero 2+, a 6-inch phablet that will find its way onto the market with CyanogenMod running the show.