Last updated: Jan 15th, 2013.

If there was anything truly "game-changing" at CES 2013 it was this bad boy. The NVIDIA Shield was hands down the best device at the event, mixing the potential of Android-powered gaming with PC gaming (Steam streaming) and future cloud gaming capabilities (Grid Cloud Gaming). The 5-inch display features a 720p resolution and is attached to a console-quality controller. The unit is also able to output at full HD resoltuion (and higher) via HDMI, even featuring WiiU-like gaming features to allow non-playing spectators to enjoy the game differently. 

With Tegra 4 at its core, this beast of a device is looking to be a winner. Not only should other game-centric Android devices be in danger of going down, but consoles as a whole. Let's get ready to game, guys! At Phandroid, we will have our hands all over the Shield as soon as it is released. 

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The first premium, portable Android gaming device – the NVIDIA SHIELD – has finally hit the market. Priced at $299 and loaded with solid specs, is it the ultimate Android gaming machine or an option you should pass up?

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