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Last updated: Dec 30th, 2010.

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HTC to spin off the Vive into an independent subsidiary

HTC has announced that HTC Vive VR business unit will be spun off into an independent subsidiary. The move will allow HTC to retain control of the Vive and benefit from any profits that it makes, but it will also allow other companies to invest into the Vive to secure the needed cash to turn HTC’s VR headset into the leading VR system on the market.

Celebrate 20 Years of the Nintendo 64 with amazing artwork from Angelo Furfaro

See past editions of Android Wallpaper This week marked the 20th anniversary that the Nintendo 64 first became available in Japan. No matter your console affiliation, there’s no denying the profound impact the Nintendo 64 had on the world of gaming. Titles like GoldenEye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Mario Kart 64, …