Motorola Milestone 3

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Motorola Milestone 3 Overview

The Milestone series is best known for being the international flavor of Verizon's Droid line. As its name implies, the Milestone 3 is the third and latest iteration of the popular QWERTY-slider device. In an odd twist, the Milestone 3 was announced for release in China before its Droid 3 counterpart became official for the United States and VZW. 

The handset features a dual-core 1GHz proccesor, a 4.0-inch display, and five-row QWERTY keyboard, all firsts for the Milestone line. This is the biggest and baddest to date. The Milestone 3 feature Motorola's custom user interface overlay with built-in enterprise functionality, making it a perfect device for business users as well those looking for a great messaging and social networking device. It is expected to come to more markets in the near future.