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Motorola Droid Overview

The Motorola Droid - the first ever Verizon Android Phone - exploded onto the mobile market with an incredibly successful ad campaign that brough Android to the masses. With a huge and vibrant touchscreen, solid metal body, full QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera with flash and auto-focus, 3.5mm headset jack, Wi-Fi, GPS and an amazingly powerful processor, the Motorola Droid quickly became both Verizon and Android's flagship phone upon launch.

Motorola Droid

But that's not all... the Motorola Droid is the first Android Phone to comes loaded with Android 2.0 - the latest and greatest version of the operating system that includes Google Navigation, Voice Search and much more. All of this is packed into a phone that can EASILY fit into your pocket. It is only SLIGHTLY thicker than the iPhone but it is SO much more powerful. And if you don't believe Phandroid take Verizon's word for it with their new campaign... "Droid Does":

What the iDoesn't... the Droid Does. And on the powerful Verizon Wireless network the Motorola Droid became an instant sensation.