• Kyocera Torque

    The Kyocera Torque can take a beating. This rugged smartphone can handle water, dirt, drops, vibration, solar radiation, humidity and low pressure like a champ. Users can also benefit from Sprint Direct Connect, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, Android 4.0 and a 4-inch display. Considering rugged smartphones usually come with horrible specs, this device is actually quite outstanding. Check it out!

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    June 29th is the last day you’ll get to use your Sprint Nextel iDEN device — buy a Direct Connect phone instead

    If you’re a Sprint Nextel customer still using an iDEN device, you’ll want to get a move on replacing that device with a Direct Connect one — the iDEN network is shutting down June 30th.

    kyocera torque stress test
    Wirefly tortures the Kyocera Torque — does it survive? [VIDEO]

    Sprint had a very specific need to fill with the Kyocera Torque. This mil-spec device was designed to withstand almost any extreme situation, including very high heat, very low temperatures, water submersion, resistance to drops, and more. It’s the perfect device for someone in the construction field or someone who finds themselves mixed up in […]

    Sprint announces rugged Kyocera Torque for March 8th, priced at $99

    Sprint has just announced the Kyocera Torque, a new rugged 4G LTE handset to launch March 8th. The Torque features Sprint Direct Connect and Smart Sonic Audio Technology, plus it is built to Military Standard 810G, a first for a touchscreen smartphone. The push-to-talk handset will find a home with the likes of contractors, folks […]

    Sprint announces the rugged Kyocera Torque

    The Kyocera Torque only hit the FCC exactly two weeks ago, and it’s already gotten some official announcement love by Sprint. The Now Network has officially announced forthcoming availability for the rugged Android 4.0 smartphone. The device’s most notable claim to fame is its military spec engineering, with the standard dust, water and shock proof […]

    Sprint Kyocera Torque hits the FCC

    Spring is quickly approaching and Sprint knows folks will be looking for trails, mountains and hills to tackle. That’s why it’s readying a new rugged Android smartphone outfitted with 4G LTE radios. The Kyocera Torque has been rumored to come with Android 4.0 and will have a display with WVGA resolution, front and rear cameras […]