• HTC Sensation
    Last Updated: Apr 12th,2011

    The HTC Sensation is a supercharged phone that launched as the manufacturer's flagship device upon release. It is packed to the brim with powerful specs and cutting edge design. The Sensation's 4.3-inch screen has an amazing 540 x 960 pixel resolution using a new screen technology called qHD Super LCD. It's all powered by a dual-cored 1.2 GHz processor with 728 RAM.

    Tack on an 8MP camera that shoots 1080p HD videos and the Sensation is, well... pretty sensational.

  • News & Updates

    Cyanogenmod 9 nightlies come to HTC Sensation and Sensation 4G on T-Mobile

    Sensation users of all sorts on T-Mobile will be happy to know that they’ll now be able to get in on all the CM9 nightly fun. The project, which has been in development since the moment Google pushed Android 4.0 source code to the AOSP, have been hard at work on nightlies for the Galaxy […]

    T-Mobile: Android 4.0 testing for HTC Sensation complete; should be rolling out “very soon”

    While some versions of the HTC Sensation have been receiving Ice Cream Sandwich worldwide, T-Mobile users are still waiting. They won’t have to wait long, however, as T-Mobile’s announced that testing for the update is complete and that it should be rolling out to users “very soon.” While the wait has been long, an update […]

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    HTC Sensation users on Cincinnati Bell receive Ice Cream Sandwich

    Don’t look now, T-Mobile users, but HTC Sensation owners on Cincinnati Bell are getting a little treat starting today. The regional carriers has announced that an upgrade to Android 4.0 is available starting today. It’ll be an over-the-air process that’ll last a week, so be sure to apply the update through the settings menu or […]

    Vodafone UK pushing Ice Cream Sandwich update to HTC Sensation

    The HTC Sensation is getting more Ice Cream Sandwich love. With the update to Android 4.0 already live in some regions, the UK’s Vodafone has completed testing of the update, which should now be pushing to all devices. The rollout will be staggered, so users may be waiting a minute before seeing the new software […]

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    HTC Sensation, Sensation XE and Vivid Get ICS Kernel Source Published

    Developers, rejoice! HTC has released the Ice Cream Sandwich kernel source for a few of their phones. The HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XE, and the HTC Vivid are all getting treatment today. Kernel source code helps developers make custom ROMs and you can bet developers will be hard at work whipping up some Ice Cream […]

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    HTC Further Details Update Schedule For Android 4.0 Rollout – Sensation 4G, XE and XL First In Line

    It wasn’t too long ago that HTC clued us in on their plans to bring Android 4.0 to their devices, starting with their Sensations like the 4G and Sensation XL although, no specific time-frame was given. Well, today, according to HTC’s blog post, it looks like Ice Cream Sandwich is all set to rollout for […]

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    Ice Cream Sandwich update live for HTC Sensation, Sensation XE in Germany

    Just a couple days after it was revealed that the HTC Sensation would receive Android 4.0 (albeit with Sense 3.6), the first reports of the update hitting handsets are coming in. German site HTCInside┬áis reporting that the 283.27MB OS refresh hit their HTC Sensation XE earlier today. BestBoyz confirms that the update is reaching both […]

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    HTC Sensation Line to Get Android 4.0, But Only Sense 3.6

    HTC Sensation owners (including all variants) have long know that they’d be getting Android 4.0, but it looks like you won’t be getting the new HTC Sense 4.0 that will be found on HTC One phones. HTC confirmed the unfortunate news to Recombu. They say that the decision to exclude Sense 4.0 on these devices […]

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    ROM: Virtuous S4X – First Android 4.0, Sense 4.0 ROM

    If you are an HTC user with a passion for custom ROMs, this might be one of the most exciting news in a while. We have just seen the HTC One series and HTC Sense 4 being announced at Mobile World Congress. It will be a while before these phones hit the streets. But if […]

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    HTC Sensation gets Android 4.0 port from HTC Endeavor

    HTC Sensation owners are patiently waiting for their turn to receive an Android 4.0 update. But many of you have probably resorted to rooting and installing custom ROMs. If that is the case, we have good news for you. HTC’s Ice Cream Sandwich ports have started coming. And today’s turn goes to the HTC Sensation, […]