• HTC Rhyme
    Last Updated: Sep 27th,2011

    The HTC Rhyme is the first smartphone geared specifically towards women. Everything from its soothing plum color scheme, HTC Sense 3.5 and a handfull of accessories, the HTC Rhyme was built with the working girl in mind.

    The Ryhme features a single-core Snapdragon and is only comptible with Verizon's 3G network. Where the appeal lies is in the bundle of accessories the device comes with. Featuring tangle-free headphones, a charm notification attachment, and multifunctional docking station, this device is sure to attract women (and some men) everywhere.

  • News & Updates

    HTC Rhyme to get de-bloated in upcoming OTA

    The HTC Rhyme was one interesting phone to behold when HTC announced it, but we didn’t expect it to be the type of smash mouth device that HTC would prioritize when it comes to delivering Android updates. We’re not totally disappointed it still hasn’t gotten Ice Cream Sandwich — after all, this one-off device was […]

    Minor update prepped for the HTC Rhyme, still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich

    The HTC Rhyme is in line to receive a minor update that will bring its version number to 2.20.605.3. The 67.8MB update won’t bring any major changes but does tweak a few things here and there. Pressing the menu key while on the device’s homescreen will now provide users with an “Edit Home” option, dock […]

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    Verizon Wireless Sale: Droid 3, X2, Incredible 2 And Charge Only $10 – Rhyme Free

    Verizon Wireless is having a few sales over on their site for the next couple of days. In what could be seen as an attempt to clear out their existing stock of their 3G smartphones, the Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Droid X2, HTC Droid Incredible 2 and Samsung Droid Charge are all being offered up […]

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    Verizon releases list of devices to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update

    Verizon knows the die-hard Android fans out there can’t wait to get their hands on Android 4.0. They aren’t spilling the beans on when to expect Ice Cream Sandwich updates to start rolling out, but they are doing the next best thing by releasing a list of devices confirmed to receive the latest version of […]

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    HTC Confirms More North American Phones for Ice Cream Sandwich

    HTC took to Facebook today to confirm that more of their phones would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. They called it the “North America edition” because all of these devices can be had on the illustrious continent. We’ve got the Rezound, which was already confirmed, alongside the DROID Incredible 2, the HTC Thunderbolt and the […]

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    Verizon Has Security Update on the Way for the HTC Rhyme, Gingerbread for the Droid Charge

    Verizon has a couple of updates queued up as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Both the HTC Rhyme and Samsung Droid Charge are in line for updates, as revealed by recent changelog postings to Verizon’s support site. For the Rhyme, an 8.89MB update moves the handset’s softwrae to build number 1.26.605.11, which brings several […]

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    HTC Rhyme Heads to O2 UK

    O2 UK is now offering the HTC Rhyme, the Android device that HTC hopes will attract lots of female business. It’s a mid-range 1GHz handset with a 5 megapixel camera that can shoot 720p HD video. Android 2.3 graces the software front but we’re also greeted with the fairly new HTC Sense 3.5. We did […]

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    HTC Rhyme Review

    Video Editing by Gideon Dominick The HTC Rhyme mixes the high-quality design expected from a company like HTC with a touch of feminine softness to create a handset that is both gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to use. Throw in a few accessories and you get a pretty complete package. But before we […]

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    Verizon Announces Group Buy for HTC Rhyme on Facebook – Up To 50% Discount

    While personally, I’m not too excited about the HTC Rhyme (don’t you dare call it a chick phone), I am excited about the way Verizon is going about promoting it. If you jump on the Verizon Wireless Facebook page you’ll see that they are offering a social deal for the device where the discount is […]

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    Deal: HTC Rhyme for $80 at Amazon

    Feeling a bit girlish? Are you a girl? Great! The HTC Rhyme is for you, apparently. (We don’t get into that sexism stuff, but that’s the demographic HTC and Verizon want to target with this phone.) If $200 was way too much for you, Amazon’s got a proposal – how about taking it home for […]