• HTC One M8 Mini
    Last Updated: Mar 26th,2014

    The HTC One Mini 2 is the official smaller brother of HTC's 2014 One M8. This device doesn't quite hold the same candle that the M8 does, but for its suspected discounted price it should get the job done for anyone looking to go for a cheaper option.

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    htc one mini 2
    HTC One Mini 2 press shot leaks, looks like a mini HTC One M8

    After word that the HTC One M8 Mini would actually come to retail as the HTC One Mini 2, we’ve finally gotten our first look at the thing. Surprise, surprise: it looks like a miniature HTC One M8,

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    HTC One M8 Mini rumored to be making its way to Verizon

    We await more information on what the HTC One M8 Mini will bring us, but we might have our first clue of where it’s headed. The latest leak says Verizon will get dibs on the miniature version of HTC’s 2014 flagship.

    HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079
    HTC One M8 Mini makes an appearance on Swedish carrier’s site

    If you need any more confirmation that the HTC One M8 Mini was in the works, the phone just made a surprise appearance on a Swedish carrier’s site. Expect HTC to pull the curtain on this little guy sometime later this year.

    HTC One M8 Mini rumors begin to form

    We’d be lying if we said we didn’t think HTC would create a couple of spin-off devices based on the newly-announced HTC One M8. Rumors are already getting started, though, with the latest suggesting an HTC One M8 Mini is coming.