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HTC Magic Overview

The HTC Magic is the second EVER Android Phone and first launched on Vodafone in Europe on May 1st. With a sexy, slim form factor, 3.2 inch touchscreen and beautiful HVGA resolution, the Magic greatly increased the physical attraction to Android.

The 3.2 Megapixel camera works wonders for picture happy phone fans and NEW with the HTC Magic at the time of launch is the introduction of Video Recording on the Android platform.

Another feature brand new to Android that is ushered in with the HTC Magic is the software keyboard. The Magic satisfies touchscreen lovers by being Android's first touchscreen only device and therefore requires a software keyboard, something which was absent from the first Android phone. The HTC Magic also has a trackball for precision navigating when browsing the web and other applications.

The HTC Magic is destined to dazzle the mobile world by pulling off the type of tricks that only Android can... congratulations to HTC on coming in at #1 and #2 with the first Android phones on the market!