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HTC Hero Overview

For tech lovers dreaming of a magical phone, HTC's 3rd Android Phone - the HTC Hero - seems poised to rescue the masses from mobile phone boredom. The design is a more sleek, sexy version of the HTC Dream and HTC Magic and both hardware and software pack several powerful perks over previous Android Phones.


In addition to a bright and vibrant touchscreen the HTC Hero is graced with a 3.5mm headphone jack that music lovers will undoubtedly appreciate and a 5MP camera for picture lovers. And then there is HTC Sense.

Sense is HTC's custom build of Android that contains stunning UI improvements and unique application features, not to mention support for Flash videos and multi-touch web browsing. Management of contacts becomes a powerful hub that seamlessly integrates calls, texts, emails, social networking and more. The music playing experience is radically improved and widgets and profile settings allow users to truly make their phone "THEIR phone".

The HTC Hero was officially announced in London, England on June 24th, 2009 to immediate excitement on a design, hardware and software level. As the first phone featuring HTC Sense for Android, it is sure to be a sensational success that all types of mobile users will enjoy!