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HTC EVO 3D Videos

HTC Evo 3D for Sprint - Review
We review the HTC EVO 3D.
RadioShack HTC Evo 3D Party - Unboxing
There were drinks, celebrities and food all over the place. But the coolest freebie was the HTC EVO 3D. Chris unboxed it right at the party, on top of the Green Hornet car. Check it out!
HTC EVO 3D First Impressions (EVO 3D Party)
This is our very own Edgar Cervantes giving the HTC EVO 3D a first look. He was at the launch event with Chris, so he also managed to get a phone. Check out the video to see what his first impressions are!
Sprint HTC EVO 3D Video Review
AndroidSPIN takes the EVO 3D for a... spin. This full review is the final result, so check out what they think of the device.
HTC EVO 3D (Sprint) video tour - part 1 of 2
It is great to watch reviews before purchasing a device. But once your mind is already set, you might want to learn all the features and workarounds. This video tour helps you learn how to use your device, so watch away!