Gifts for the PARANOID DROID

We all have that one person in our life who’s obsessed about protecting their Androids and worldly possessions from the unknown. Call it “thinking ahead” or just plain paranoia, these Droids are the ones that worry about all of life’s dips, falls, thefts, and accidents. But don’t worry, we’ve got ‘em covered. This guide is filled to the brim with everything from light/heavy duty cases, to waterproofing, and yes, even app controlled light bulbs.

Cruzerlite Android Cases (Get ‘em!)

Cruzerlite is an accessories manufacturer new to the Android scene and make quality TPU cases for just about every Android device under the sun and at a fair price. TPU is short for thermoplastic polyurethane and is a flexible — yet very solid material. Somewhere in between plastic and rubber, TPU cases provide excellent protection from drops and spills, while keeping a device’s natural slim profile. Cruzerlite not only features a full color spectrum of TPU cases, but makes some pretty sweet printed designs too. You’ll definitely want to check them out.

OtterBox Defender Series (Get it!)

Whether you know someone who works in construction, or is simply just accident prone, OtterBox is a household name when it comes to smartphone protection. More than just your typical TPU or hard shell cases, OtterBox’s Defender Series cases were made to take a beating. These cases feature a soft silicone interior, and a nearly indestructible military grade plastic shell. So toss, kick and drop your $600 toy — the OtterBox Defender case can handle it.

Liquipel (Get it!)

Water. It’s long been an electrical device’s most feared nemesis. I think it’s safe to say at one point we’ve all had a device reduced to an expensive paper weight after taking a spill into puddle, bowl of cereal, toilet or sink. These things happen. Luckily, there’s a company looking to make smartphones safe from watery graves and they’re called Liquipel. Using a mixture of science and black magic, these guys have found a way to water proof your smartphone and/or tablets, giving you the peace of mind that not matter what the weather, your phone is safe from nature’s tears. The hardest part is shipping your device to be treated, but with a fairly speedy 2 day process, your phone will be back in your arms before week’s end.

Philips HUE (Get it!)

With all the things you can do with your smartphone nowadays, would you believe that you can also control a lightbulb? And not just turning it on and off, but the color and hue as well. That’s the idea behind Hue, from Philips. Using the power of WiFi and power efficient LED’s, Philips has put together app-controlled smart lightbulbs that can be placed into a normal lamp socket, and using your smartphone or tablet, can be adjusted to suit your mood. Whether you need bright white lights to wake up in the morning, softer lighting before bed, or a disco light show for parties, Hue makes all of it possible. Why is this under our Paranoid Android gift guide? Well, gone are the days of entering into a pitch black home and wondering who’s going to jump out at you with a hatchet (yeah, I’m the paranoid type too). Philips Hue are currently on sale at your local Apple Store for $60.

PocketFinder GPS Locator (Get it!)

In today’s day and age, you can never be too safe. For those paranoid Androids with kids or furry loved ones, PocketFinger GPS Locators are a great gift idea for those that need the peace of mind that comes with always knowing exactly where the kiddies are, and it’s also great for pets. These tiny GPS locators feature rugged military-grade materials, have long battery life, and are small enough to fit inside a backpack, luggage, pocket or wear as a collar (animals only, folks). There’s even a model for automobiles. Pair it up with the handy Android application and your kids, pets, and vehicles will never go anywhere without your knowledge. PocketFinder’s motto: “If you love it, locate it.”

AndroidLost (Get it!)

Having a fancy case with bullet proof kevlar will only get you so far. What happens when an absent minded individual leaves their well protected case at a bar, in a taxi cab, or at the movie theater? Sounds like a job for AndroidLost, an Android application in the Google Play Store that allows for — among a great many other things — the locating of a lost or stolen smartphone using the GPS satellites. But that’s not even the half of it. The app also lets you factory reset a device, erase the SD card, forward calls, sound an alarm, and my favorite feature: make it talk. Yes, using your home computer, you can make the device talk, alerting the new owner (or thief) that you know where your phone is, and that the cops are on the way. I know it’s strange to feature an app in a holiday gift guide, but find someway to get this on your loved ones smartphones. A reclaimed smartphone can be the best gift they receive this season.