• Dell Streak

    Calling the Dell Streak an "Android Phone" is entering a grey area - with a massive 5-inch screen the device is practically a tablet but it hauls cellular connectivity that make "phone" a perfectly acceptable categorization. By all accounts the Streak LOOKS like a fabulous piece of multimedia hardware, but because of its size, potential buyers should first think about if it fits their lifestyle/needs.

    Some more specs on the Dell Streak include the Capacitive 5-inch display  with multi-touch support, made with Gorilla Glass, a tough and resistant screen as featured on the Motorola Droid. It has a rear 5 MP camera with Dual LED flash and a front VGA camera meaning you can video call!

  • News & Updates

    Android devices rank high on iFixit’s tablet repairability list, Apple at bottom

    iFixit has ranked top tablets by their repairability, and the results were positive for Android. Apple’s iPad line, however, took the opposite honors. While Dell’s XPS 10 Windows slate took top accolades, second place belonged to the Android-based Amazon Kindle Fire. The now ancient Dell Streak tied with that device, as did the Motorola XOOM […]

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    Pentagon Approves Its First Android Smartphone…the Dated Dell Streak

    The US likes to stay on top of technology when it comes to the defense of its people. Take for instance a railgun the Navy has been testing, which recently fired off its 1,000th shot, a milestone in proving the weapon feasible for combat situations. But things are a bit different when it comes to […]

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    Dell Streak Gets Pulled From Online/Store Shelves for an Update

    Looks like Dell may have pulled their 5-inch, tablet/phone hybrid Dell Streak from store shelves and removed the device from their online store as well. You would immediately assume this means the device has been discontinued but not so fast, Turbo. Apparently, after Engadget attempted to phone-in and order the device through Dell’s customer service, […]

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    This is the Best Dell Streak Promo Ever [Video]

    Dell’s hoping folks in Japan will really get excited for the Dell Streak, it seems: the PC – and now phone/tablet – manufacturer has teamed up with a dance band called World Order to showcase their product in perhaps the most interesting and entertaining way ever. Fake slow motion, still technique dancing, and more rear […]

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    AT&T, Rogers’ Froyo for Dell Streak Rolling Out

    Dell has finally announced the beginning of the Froyo rollout for their Dell Streak (5 inch) on both Rogers and AT&T. The update has been available in leak form for quite some time now. We once believed it may have been shipping on new devices, but that never ended up being the case. It’s finally […]

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    Original Dell Streak Next Up For Honeycomb SDK Port

    While Dell is busy improving their Streak lineup with the release of the Streak 7, the good old boys at MoDaCo have been doing a bit of polishing themselves. That is, they have been polishing up a Honeycomb SDK port for the original Dell Streak. Don’t worry. It’s still far from useful, but the team […]

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    AT&T Dell Streak’s Froyo Delayed Again? “A Couple of More Weeks At Least”

    Yet another swing and a miss. It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Dell Streak’s Froyo update on AT&T. The last time we visited this scenario, we were looking at emails from within the company stating it had been delayed. Dell later confirmed those emails to be true. Now, we’re faced with the same: […]

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    Dell Streak Now $99 through Best Buy

    Aside from the Dell Streak’s big size for a phone, the other factor that might keep some away is its big price. But once again, the holidays come to the rescue with an offer that is just too good to refuse. $99.99 dollars and a two year contract with AT&T are all that keeps you […]

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    O2 UK’s Dell Streak Getting Froyo this Week

    Folks on O2 in the UK with the Dell Streak will be glad to know that your upgrade to Android 2.2 should be arriving sometime this week. Lucky, you, considering you didn’t have to suffer until 2011. You also have been on Android 2.1 for quite some time. (I feel for you, AT&T users.) There’s […]

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    Dell Confirms Froyo Update Delayed for AT&T’s Streak

    Dell must have seen those emails that were leaked yesterday regarding the AT&T Sim-Locked version of the Streak where we learned that the Froyo update for the device has been delayed until January. There’s no questioning the validity of that leak, now, as Dell – with great timing – has come out and updated us […]