ARCHOS Element tablets have been blessed with yet another brother. This is the ARCHOS 97 and it offers Android 4.0 on a 9.7-inch display for a mere $250.

    The rest of the specs are not as surprising, though. The tablet has a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and dual cameras. It would have been a good affordable tablet in 2011, but times have changed. 

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    Affordable tablet manufacturers have to change their strategy or find a new market

    Companies like ARCHOS have been able to make a name for themselves for one reason, and it is not for the quality of their products. This is not to say that these tablets are horrible either, but their main focus has been affordability, which meant sacrificing good specs and build quality. These cheaper tablets were […]

    Archos 97 tablet runs Ice Cream Sandwich for $250

    Archos has unveiled the first option in their new line of ELEMENT tablets. It’s an ARCHOS 97, and as the name suggests it sports a 9.7 inch display. That’s not even the most interesting thing, though: you can get yourself a legit 10 inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for just $250. Don’t get too happy […]